Shield Blast

Shield Blast by Lixian is a challenging downloadable shoot’em up game, which means that basically, your only tasks will be firing projectiles at hordes of enemies (and avoiding being hit). The game’s style is very much that of the games of the old Japanese 8-bit and 16-bit consoles in which the only mission was to smash to pieces everything that you met on our way. Your task seems trivially simple – you board a ship, being in a hostile territory, and you have to get to Earth as quickly as possible to save it.

How to Download Shield Blast

To download Shield Blast, click on the Download button at the end of the game review. The game can also be downloaded from and GameJolt websites. The soundtrack of the game is also available for download. If you like space shoot’em ups, be sure to also to check out and add to your collection Warblade, Chicken Invaders and Deep Space Waifu.

The Game Review

What Is Shield Blast All About

Earth has little resources, and your goal is to reach the planet onboard your spacecraft called the Mother Ship. You are in enemy territory and you will be attacked by all kinds of alien foes, such as flowers, mushrooms and strange creatures from the Lovecraft’s works.

The Shield Blast gameplay that can suck you in for many hours might seem banal. However, it has all the best features of the Japanese shoot’em ups. It’s hardcore, fiendishly difficult, and addictive. By finding bonuses, you can modify your ship and cause even more effective cosmic destruction.

Shield Blast Graphics

The graphics are inspired by Pixel Art, which makes the experience vibrant and colorful while you are staring and the rainbow of quickly changing colors. The graphic design is spiced up with an amazing soundtrack, inspired by the era of the 16-bit consoles and directly related to the Japanese pop culture. Thanks to it the game becomes even more dynamic.

The rushing Mother Ship does not stop for a moment. So don’t waste time, take control of the vessel and destroy every enemy you encounter. 

Space War

In the game, you will meet many epic bosses who will attack you with a thousand missiles. Cunning, agility, and ingenuity are the only way to defeat your enemies and go to the next levels. And these over time become longer and more difficult.

You have to fight with many opponents at the same time. You will have little time for rest as thousands of enemies will keep coming at you, and they will be waiting for your mistakes.

By killing all enemies, you can collect money which is necessary for you to upgrade your ship. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to fight the opponents such as flowers, ladybugs, mushrooms and many other bizarre and fascinating creatures.

The game has very simple controls.

Here Lixian made a very good job as well and offers you control by the mouse. If you want to steer your ship just move the mouse right or left. Deadly missiles will be diverted when you hold down the left mouse button. Such a simple control system will motivate you to reach the planet Earth, and if you get tired, just hit Escape to activate the pause.


Retro graphics and the cool music straight from old 16-bit consoles, fast gameplay, the possibility of ship expansion, epic bosses and the ability to free the planet Earth is a great recipe for long days of exciting gameplay! This game inspired by hardcore games from Japanese machines should be running on your computer now.

Shield Blast
Shield Blast is a space shoot'em up. Download the game and steer your ship to meet hordes of extraterrestrial creatures whose only purpose is to destroy our planet.
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