Slap the Fly

Slap the Fly is a game from an indie studio Forceight. The theme of the game is the eternal struggle between humans and insects. The player has a unique opportunity to declare which side he’s on. If he chooses to play as a man he’s task will be to slap the insect three times before the predetermined time passes. If the player decides to stand on the side of the insects he’s task will be simple – to survive.

Forceight is a relatively unknown independent developer from France. In order to release Slap the Fly in ALPHA 2.0 version, they decided to raise funds on Kickstarter. By donating 25 euro they players could earn additional attractive in-game items (for example hats or glasses). Spending 50 euro meant having one’s name displayed on one of the trophies which can be found in the game.

How to Download Slap the Fly

To download the game click on the button with the label Download which is located towards the end of this review.

How to Play

At the beginning we need need to choose our playable character. There are three human models at our disposal, each of them with an individual secondary weapon, and four pests: three types of insects: fly, bee, spider and a rat. Additionally, we can create a creature ourselves. We are not given a very advanced creator but it still is a lot of fun. We can pick a head, body, wings and a sting. With a little bit of imagination, we can come up with a really scary monster. Anyway, after we have chosen our character we can begin the play on one of the 8 maps like house, library, subway, office, classroom or saloon from the Wild West!

Killing the insects, similarly to the well-known real-life scenario, is not easy. The animals have special abilities: the rats bite, spiders use their woven webs while the flies and bees fly. The human can’t do any of this but he can use many deadly items. Three strikes (with a hand or a weapon) mean the death of the pest and a victory. Unless the times runs out…

Slap the Fly: the Game Mechanics and the Graphics

The game mechanics are basic, We walk or fly, we look around and as a human, we throw and catch flying items. Controlling the game is easy. The graphics are also simple if not simplistic and can be compared to that of Who’s Your Daddy or My Summer Car. But it is to a large extent by design.

It’s not the clothes that make the man, however. Similarly, the graphics are not what is most important in Slap the Fly. The creators of the game provided us with simple and hilarious gameplay, an ideal product to pass the time. The game is also quick to get into.

The game can be played simultaneously by up to six players, which allows for many combinations. There is also a solo mode available but the game was designed with a multiplayer experience in mind. What things, after all, can be better than chasing your buddy who happens to be a fly in the setting of a scientific laboratory?

Slap the Fly
Slap the Fly is a simple and fun multiplayer game where we need to catch an insect or being an insect (or rat) avoid death. Download it now.
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