My Summer Car

My Summer Car is a car-building simulator but also a life simulator. The hero needs to make money and also care for the basic physiological needs. Eating, drinking and even urinating is necessary in order to survive. The game even has permanent death setting on as the default option but thankfully it can be switched to off.

We begin the game in our house and right away, in the top left corner of the screen, we can notice several progress bars, like in The Sims. These are urine, hunger, thirst, fatigue, money (numeric) and alcohol. At the very top, we can find the information which day of the week is now.

We can start partying in our house where we find a pack of sausages and several beers. The house also has a toilet where we empty our bladder and also… save the game.

Download My Summer Car

The game can be downloaded from Steam. The download is paid but if we return the game in two weeks and play it for less than two hours, we can expect the refund. In this case, the download of My Summer Car will be free.

My Summer Car – a Tutorial How to Begin

Our first task is to build our car, totally from scratch. This game really separates the men from the boys as assembling a car from 100 parts is hardly a piece of cake. Either we know if a part can be connected to another or we need to guess and pray to see a checkbox appear during our attempt. But connecting the parts is not enough. We also need to screw them with a spanner. Unfortunately, there are 11 of them and picking the right one is again a matter of trial and error. Our car can also be treated with spray in cans.

While we working we can’t help but notice an annoying fly circling around us. Its sound is super irritating. The only thing we can do it to turn on our boom-box. Unfortunately, if we live the device and go somewhere, the music will get less loud but the fly will follow us.

My Summer Car – the World

While we are in the house or work will be often interrupted with phone calls. People who are calling are offering us summer jobs. For example, a neighbor is calling who needs, wood for his fireplace. So we need to gather the wood and deliver it to him. Doing such chores, we’ll get cash to spend on food, beverages, and better car parts. The latter we will get from mail-order catalog. There’s no internet delivery. We are in the 90s.

The missions require traversing large areas of Finnish countryside. The author of the game is also Finnish and the whole concept of My Summer Car is built on being Finnish and being in Finland. Many signs, captions, and writings in the game are in Finnish.

The map of all the locations in My Summer Car can be accessed by looking at the wall over near the place where our telephone is. The area can be traversed by our car, but we have also other vehicles at our disposal. These include different cars but also motorbikes and boats.

The graphics and the physics of the game are quite primitive. They can be tantamount to what we can find in Who’s Your Daddy. But similarly to that other game, this can be seen as an advantage.

My Summer Car can be downloaded from Steam. gives this game a ranking of 9/10.

My Summer Car

My Summer Car is a simulation game in which we assemble our own car and need to complete various missions in order to earn money for better parts.

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