Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a realistic and expansive survival game in which the player acts as a survivor from a plane crash. You can download the game in digital distribution. Stranded Deep was created by the Australian Beam Team Games studio, which consists of just two people. This is their debut title. The game premiered on January 23, 2015, and is still in early access. Production is only available for Windows PCs.

How to Download Stranded Deep

The game is available for download from Steam.

The Storyline

You start as a passenger on board the plane. Stranded Deep tells the story of a happily rescued man who is the only survivor of the catastrophe. Landing on one of the uninhabited islands, he would struggle with the daily routines of survival. Your task is to make the best of the available resources and to meet the basic needs of your character. The gameplay is focused on two things. You will be able to explore the island, and even descend into the depths of the ocean, to search for different resources. In addition to the island where you start the game, other islands and the entire archipelago are waiting to be discovered. The game world is generated procedurally, so you never land on the same island.

Stranded Deep Game Mechanics

The game resembles classic survival titles, such as Raft or Rust. Much emphasis is placed on the crafting system. The handy crafting menu is intuitive and easy to learn. You can create everything from simple tools for hunting to elaborate looking shelters. Removing the interface from the screen made the player feel better immersed, and the HUD does not spoil the effect. A similar solution was used in the old Trespasser game. The main opponent of the character is the nature. During the game, your main task is to avoid threats. In the beginning, your character is exposed to wildlife attacks and weather changes. The higher the level of the character, the easier it will be for you to survive. The food system is also created in a realistic manner. If not eaten for too long the products will become spoiled, and it’s never a good idea to drink salty water.

So as you see, in Stranded Deep, a lot of emphasis was put on realism, your character must eat, drink and sleep. Each of these needs can be met in many ways. You will break coconuts, hunt for crabs and fish. A campfire will be needed to prepare the dishes. As time moves on, the process of preparing food will be slightly improved and easier. It’s worth to note that a major impact on the game will have daily night and day cycle.

Graphically, the game adheres to the modern standards. The wonderful ocean deserves a special prize with its poetic sunsets and sunrises, and the fauna and flora look great as well. The game verges on photorealism. Also, the physics engine was written very well, faithfully rendering reality.

Stranded Deep
Stranded Deep is a survival game. You try to survive in the open world as the only living person. Download the game and fight for life.
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