Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a free browser game that has been designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux and was released in 2009. The game is available as a multiplayer arcade tank simulator that was introduced by the Russian developer AlternativaPlatform. The 3D graphics effects and no download problems have made Tanki Online an online internet favorite and a simple equivalent to World of Tanks.

How to Download Tanki Online

To get hold of Tanki Online click on the Download button towards the end of this review. The game is free and you can get it from Steam or play online in a browser.

The Game Review

The aim of the game revolves around the different tankers fighting against each other, battling fiercely to top the scoreboard ranks. The battle is more fun when you connect with different people and play the player vs. player mode where a number of various obstacles make the plot even more interesting.

Each player gets to control a separate tank and fight through the various towers, obstacles and most importantly the opponent tanks. The better your tank performs, the higher the upgrade it will achieve and the more powerful it will get. The user will come across the various modes of the crusade namely: Assult, Rugby, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Control Points. The aim of your warfare ship should be to collect as many valuable items as possible which can then be used to make upgrades. The ranking system is particularly important, and it is advisable to play with people of the same rank as this will help you to earn maximum crystals.

The most complicated thing of the fight is deciding which weapon to choose best to combat the enemies. The different ammunitions available are:

  • Firebird has a massive blasting effect and can destroy anyone. The only drawback is that it has a limited targeting range.
  • Freeze is able to freeze the opponents but like Firebird also has limited range.
  • Isida is best chosen when you are playing on a team.
  • Hammer is the multi-shooter that shoots three bullets simultaneously.
  • Twins have a fantastic reloading time although it does not have a good range and can be difficult to handle.
  • Ricochet is an utterly destructive armor that can continuously cause great destruction.
  • Smoky is excellent to get hold of a difficult shot and can be useful at any rank of the game.
  • Vulcan is basically the protective asset although it does so for a short time.
  • Thunder can kill many opponents at the same time however the effects reduce as the distance increases.
  • Railgun is one of the famous and conventional guns to be used.

It is always beneficial that the users do not use their ammunition before the start of the battle and only do so when they are close enough to the opposing team. The controls are relatively simple with the keyboard keys W, A, S, D used to move the tanker in different directions. The space bar is used to fire while the delete key is used to commit suicide. Z and X are used to move the turret while C is used to center the tower. Before you begin playing, customize the tanker by adding the gun, turrets, and armors that will help your tank to fight the others.

Tanki Online
Tanki Online is a arcade tank simulator which can be either played in browser or downloaded from Steam. Get the game for free and fight.
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