The Conjuring House

Horror games occupy a unique niche in the gaming world. They are neither action-heavy iterative experiences a la Call of Duty nor are they isolated, self-contained narratives like the installments in the Grand Theft Auto series. Also, they are of the most popular types of games that is only improving with the ability of systems to offer ever more immersive experiences. Enter the downloadable horror game The Conjuring House.

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Starting with Sweet Home back on the NES and later moving over to the Resident Evil series on the PlayStation, horror games have tended to hew towards the campy, B-horror films of the 1980s and not the psychological thrillers of the 1990s and the spectral fright fests of the 2000s.

One series of games that bucked this trend were the Silent Hill games from Konami, a franchise that is known for its psychological horror as it is its literal horror.

When given a choice between the two pendulums of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, The Conjuring House falls firmly in the latter camp as a psychological horror fest that relies upon player immersion and sensory experience to transmit its horror.

Developed and published by RYM Games, The Conjuring House uses demons, dark, sound, and environment to convey a sense of dread and terror that many games shy away from in order to include some kind of puzzle solving or narrative experience.

The Conjuring House instead relies on terror from beginning to end and never really lets up.

The message warning the user to “Get Out” is apt as that is the only option available to the player – though you are told at the beginning that your predecessors are all dead so whether or not escape is an option is something for the player to discover.

Relying upon every trope of horror ever, The Conjuring House is at times reminiscent of a Dario Argento movie in its constant assault on the senses.

Jump scares, creeping anxiety, fear of the unknown – it is all here and in force for an experience that is all its own and yet still owes a lot to the classic horror cinema of yesterday.

A great game for fans of horror, The Conjuring House is also an awesome showcase of the power of video games to present an immersive environment.

Using a primal fear of the unknown and combining that with the somewhat worn out stereotype of the haunted house, The Conjuring House is at times a horror theme park ride and at others an experience that is as horrific as it is intriguing.

There is a mystery here but you’re too caught up in the terror to care most of the time. 

Receiving largely mixed reviews upon its release, The Conjuring House’s dueling concerns of presenting a horrific tale while also offering a horrific experience unlike any other make it a unique game that is proudly its own thing. Perfect for fans of psychological horror like Silent Hill, The Conjuring House also has nods to the more B-movie inspired horror films like those that inspired Resident Evil and is, in sum, a tribute to the best of horror in general.

The Conjuring House
The Conjuring House is a journey into an abandoned haunted house. Download and find out what happened to the owner of the estate.
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