The Forest

The Forest is an action game with elements of survival and horror mixed in. One can say that it combines the best of the highly popular TV series Lost with Robinson Crusoe story. The player’s task is to play the role of a castaway, who will need to survive, create a shelter, get food and above all – fight with supernatural forces. The game receives frequent updates.

How to Download The Forest

To download The Forest, click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is available on Steam.

The World of the Game

The Forest is played in a sandbox, which means that the player has an open world to explore practically without any limitations. The setting of the Forest is an uninhabited island covered with thick and dark Forest and lush vegetation, full of mysterious caverns, rocks, outcroppings, and hills. The island is the home of plentiful and diverse fauna. We will not find there any people. Instead, it is swarming with mutants who are not particularly hospitable.

The Story

The game begins with an intro movie. We observe a boy who, in a company of his mother, flights on board a plane. Everything seems peaceful and calm. They have snacks, a TV in the headrest to entertain them, they relax, they sleep.

Suddenly the plane hits turbulence and breaks into two parts, which accompanied by terrible loud noise fall down. The catastrophe ends with a crash to the ground. The player suddenly sees a mysterious character who kidnaps the kid whose mother did not survive.

There is also another passenger who did make it. This is the man who we will control throughout the game. Thus we begin our perilous adventure which begins on an unknown island.

At the start, we need to find food and a place to sleep. Soon enough we find out that it is not enough to build a simple hut, catch a fish, make fire and then just wait for rescue. The tribes who inhabit the island are mutated cannibals. Now the real action begins – a struggle for survival.

The Forest: the Game Mechanics and the Gameplay

The game has many elements that can be found in other action games. The first-person perspective view allows us to only view the hands of our protagonists and the items he uses. These can be everyday mundane things like beverages or a phone, but also numerous weapons. And there is a plethora of them. We have a giant monkey wrench, axes, knives, machetes, bows, and firearms.

The gameplay is based on two aspects. The first is survival. To live, we need to eat, drink and raise shelters. To achieve this, we need to cut wood, hunt animals, set traps, etc. The second aspect is the fight. In order to successfully repel the attacking cannibals, we need to manufacture better weapons and use them skillfully.

The Forest
The Forest is a survival horror game. We need to survive on a deserted island and fight off mad cannibals. Download it now.
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