Treasure Adventure World

Treasure Adventure World is a downloadable platform game produced by Robit Games studio. You play as a treasure hunter, exploring a huge game world. Naturally, numerous obstacles of varying difficulty await you everywhere. You will meet enemies, but also friends who will help solve the mysteries. The gameplay requires a lot of puzzle-solving.

Treasure Adventure World offers around 18 hours of fun in single-player mode. Your task is to discover your own past, while fighting with bosses, solving puzzles and making your way through complex levels. As in every platform game, not only will you have to avoid traps but you will also be rewarded with bonuses. So essentially, in this game, you will find everything that you can expect from a good platformer: levels requiring dexterity and reflexes, as well as fast action and fights with bosses. The rewards for winning are various useful items that you will collect to help you on your quest.

How to Download Treasure Adventure World

The game can be downloaded in digital distribution from both GOG and Steam platforms. To start downloading the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can also download the soundtrack from the game and instructions – Treasure Adventure World – Official Soundtrack & Instruction Booklet.

How to Play the Game

The game world is packed with unusual quests and heroic battles against powerful opponents. The game has a beautiful graphics setting, which deviates from the popular pixel graphics well known even from Super Mario Bros and modern indie platformers. The creators of the game wanted something original, which is why the game impresses with hand-made graphics and smooth animations.

Treasure Adventure World offers several endings and the New Game+ mode. The world is very extensive and contains 16 different islands. On each of them, you can find caves, temples, and portals that are gateways to other dimensions. This extends the world you explore. The weather system in the game has a big impact on the gameplay because the weather affects the platforms on which you move. It makes the game unpredictable and thus even more interesting. In addition, countless treasures are waiting for you to be found – you become a real explorer and seeker of not only riches but also adventures. Your abilities, of course, grow and develop during the game, and this happens because of the special little hats that you collect along the way.

Treasure Adventure World offers its players an unusual opportunity to create their own skins for the game, which certainly adds variety to the game. You can share your skins with other players. This original feature alone means that Treasure Adventure World truly stands out. The game was released on February 7, 2018. According to the existing materials and opinions of beta testers, the game has a good chance of gaining considerable popularity among the players. TAW has been developed by Creation Games and published by the Chucklefish which also famous for such hits as Stardew Valley or Starbound. It is also worth to have a look at another title by Robit Games – the free 2011 game that is a cross between adventure, platformer, and RPG, with a deceptively similar title – Treasure Adventure Game.

The platform games have enjoyed unrelenting popularity for a long time and it is unlikely that this will change. Especially if the creators are innovative as was in the case of Treasure Adventure World, which is simply a great game.

Treasure Adventure World
Treasure Adventure World is a platform game set in an open world. Go for adventure, solve puzzles and defeat powerful enemies. Download the game now.
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