Unturned is a free survival horror game available for free download. The game offers the opportunity to play in multiplayer. In Unturned, you play as a character who needs to cooperate with other players and fight for life in a world controlled by zombies. In this zombie-infested worlds in addition to moving on foot, you will be also able to fly and drive. The studio behind the title is Smartly Dressed Games. Unturned was released on July 7, 2017. The game is often updated and each new Unturned Update receives comprehensive update notes.

How to Download Unturned

The game can be downloaded for free from the Steam platform. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

Unturned – the Online Experience

The setting of the game is a virtual world. You play as a hero who has not turned into a zombie. You must use your cunning and well-chosen tactics to kill the undead, survive and destroy everything that stands in your way. In addition to the basic purpose of exterminating enemies, you also have additional activities, such as collecting fruits and vegetables or hunting animals.

In multiplayer, your activities are focused on other players. You must fight with them unless either you or your enemies are dead. To this end, you use numerous deadly items such as rifles, swords, remote-controlled explosives or sniper weapons. You have six virtual lands at our disposal, where you can travel by foot or using numerous vehicles and machines. Thus you can visit the Canadian Prince Edward Island, Canadian Yukon, Washington, Russia, Hawaii, and Germany.

An interesting feature of the game is the ability to create objects. Your character has also additional skills such as invisibility, throwing thunderbolt or fire-breathing. When fighting with other players, do not forget that you can also cooperate with them. It is also worth to enter into positive interactions with the NPC characters by talking to them and trading, and even performing quests commissioned by them.

The game has no stunning graphics, but it looks solid. Unturned developers focus mainly on the gameplay itself which offers a lot of choices for the players. There are two modes of play to choose from: single player and multiplayer.

The Good Reviews of Unturned

Unturned is very highly valued by players, as evidenced by comments and numerous positive reviews on Steam. The game is so intuitive that every player after reading the instructions and consulting the internet forums should not have a problem getting straight into the actions. What’s more, the game has a very extensive international community, and you can find many pages dedicated to Unturned.  You will be able to read comments, reviews, as well as tips and the detailed discussions of game elements.

The In-game Shop

Although the game is free, it offers paid items that you will like to buy. Unturned allows players to buy additional pieces of equipment in the virtual store. Thus the game offers more varied and you will not get bored too soon.

The Hardware Requirements

Due to the sheer size of the virtual world, the system requirements are not low. To play Unturned, you need to have a 2 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM. Under optimal conditions, the game requires a 3 GHz processor and 8GB RAM. You also need a broadband internet connection to play online.


You can also download the DLC called Unturned – Permanent Gold Upgrade. The add-on offers new equipment and character costumes. You can find, for example, a Golden Katana or a set of skins, as well as new hero personalization options. The DLC also offers access to premium servers.

Unturned is a multiplayer game in which you play in a world filled with zombies. To survive, you need to form alliances and fight. Download Unturned for free now.
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