Warface is an action game available for free download. It has been designed solely for an online play. The main character, trying to help his friend, faces a group of thugs. His main objective is to eliminate the mafia boss. Warface is a first-person shooter set in the near future and the players control soldier characters. They fight fierce battles on various maps. Although the title has no single-player mode, it makes up for this inconvenience with the co-op mode, in which five players can perform missions together.

How to Download Warface

Warface can be downloaded from the Steam platform and via the official game site.

The Gameplay

Before starting the game, each participant has to choose a character. This decision defines their role and their capabilities on the battlefield. Four fairly typical classes of soldiers available:

  • a healing Medic,
  • an armor repairing Engineer,
  • a deadly Sniper shooting from a distance
  • and an all-around class of Rifleman who carries a lot of ammunition.

Their special abilities are essential to the fruitful cooperation between a team of players, which is required for the final success in battle.

The characters taking part in the game are highly mobile. They can jump over walls, climb, and even perform cool-looking slides. An interesting feature of the game is the ability to modify weapons.

The team of players in the first round fights against opponents who are controlled by artificial intelligence.

The Game Modes

Warface offers three main game modes: Co-op, Versus, and Special Operations. They contain the following mini modes.

The cooperative mode consists of a series of increasingly difficult missions, in which the troops have to traverse vast urban areas where numerous enemy forces reside. Their efforts are concluded with a boss fight.

When it comes to PvP games, you can play various have matches with different rules and objectives, for example, planting/disarming a bomb or Death Match.

Another mode available in Warface is Special Operations. They consist of killing subsequent groups of enemies.

Here is the summary:

  • Co-op: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane,
  • Versus: Capture, Dominations, Free for All, Plant the Bomb, Storm, Team Death Match, Bag and Tag, and Random Map,
  • Special Operations: Cyber Horde, Cold Peak, The Great White,

Weapons, Money, and Cheating in Warface

The weapons can be purchased with Warface currency, which is earned during the game. Credits, the so-called premium currency, are used to acquire cosmetic elements such as character or weapon skins. They can be also used to access the auction house. This last option allows you to get rid of the unnecessary things that you receive during the first draw.

Warface is a completely free game. It works based on a free-to-play model that has a micropayment system. The project was created by Crytek, known as the developer of early Far Cry games and the Crysis series. At the moment, the title is only available on PCs. Historically, you could also play on Xbox 360, but at the beginning of 2015, this option was canceled. There is also no version available for Mac computers.

Warface has high-quality graphics and an inspiring audio-visual setting. The proprietary graphics engine that was used in this production allowed for the creation of characters that are very realistic and the surroundings in which they live and fight is covered with high-resolution textures. An original feature in the game is a number of special systems which protect against cheaters, such as FairFight and Easy Anti Cheat.

Warface is a free FPP shooter set in a science-fiction setting. It was created by the Ukrainian branch of the Crytek studio. Download the game and enter a team fight.
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