Warriors Orochi 4

Warriors Orochi 4 is a downloadable hack and slash action game from the developers over at Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, the same team behind games such as Samurai Warriors and the Dead or Alive franchise of fighting games. The game was originally released on the 27th September 2018 and is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. With the Warriors Orochi series being a fledgling franchise at this point, Warriors Orochi should come as no surprise that it’s a little bit more of the same.

How to Download Warriors Orochi 4

You can download Warriors Orochi 4 or as it is called in Japan Musō Orochi 3 as a PC download if you click on the Download button below the review. The game can be played on Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. And if you like hack and slash title you should also read our review of Fate/Extella Link.

The Game Review

Following on from the story of the previous Warriors Orochi title (3), Warriors Orochi 4 picks up from the ending, where the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and Sengoku period go back to their every day lives. During this time, the heroes have completely forgotten all of the time they had spent in Orochi’s dimensional world, but that doesn’t stay the same for long. That’s where Zeus comes into play and drags them all back in again, causing them to be the heroes they once were, but have no memory about.

Gameplay should come as no surprise that it plays very similar to many of the Dynasty Warriors games and previous Warriors Orochi titles. You start out each mission with a different character (there are 170 to choose from!), of which there are many to choose from along 70 different missions to finish. Each mission provides a little more lore and story for the game’s narrative, but can easily be ignored, as it’s told through text boxes on the side of the screen, all the while you’re hacking and slashing at hundreds and thousands of different enemies and NPC’s that are practically defenseless against you.

Each level will have an objective it expects of you, which will usually be to defend this area, protect this character, defeat this general, or kill X number of enemies. The game will throw hundreds of insignificant enemies at once, giving you the chance to completely decimate over 100 different little NPC’s with the swing of your sword, glaive, polearm, whatever weapon your character chooses to wield.

You can perform relatively simple combos to defeat most enemies, but to defeat some of the more difficult enemies, you’re going to have to use a little more nuance or you might end up dead and restarting the mission from scratch. All characters in the game have their unique ability which can be used only once you’ve defeated enough enemies and is typically very good at dealing a quick burst of damage in an area of effect.

Easily the biggest comparison for the game would have to be games like Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors, both games that use a lot of the same mechanics and gameplay choices. You have a number of different characters to choose from, all the while getting the chance to mow down hundreds of incredibly weak enemies to make you feel as strong as possible.

Anyone that’s on the lookout for a new Warriors Orochi game or something similar to Dynasty Warriors is going to love everything this title has to offer. The story isn’t exactly incredible, but the gameplay will quickly rope you in if you’re a fan of that style of hack and slash.

Warriors Orochi 4
Warriors Orochi 4 is a hack and slash game. Download it and slay thousand of enemies to prove your prowess as a mighty warrior.
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