Fate/Extella Link

I have spent the last week putting some serious time into the PlayStation 4 version of Fate/Extella Link. This from what I understand is the third game in the series, but it is my first experience with the series and I have to be honest, I liked what I have experienced so far.

How to Download Fate/Extella Link

You will be able to download the game from Steam, PlayStation Store or Nintendo Store. If you like the Fate series be sure to check also the mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order.

The Game Review

There is a very in-depth story that runs alongside the gameplay and I wish I had the skills to elegantly write down what the heck is going on. Basically, the game is set in a virtual world where humanity is living in peace. This peace is shattered though when these for lack of a better term, bad programs are showing up and you playing as a master are joined by servants who set out to stop it all.

I have tried my best to follow the story and perhaps if I had experience with the other games in the series I would not be as lost. While the actual story may be confusing, I do like how fleshed out the characters are and there is a lot of dialogue from the servants so you get to at the very least know their personality. I really did like many of the characters that I came across in the game.

As far as the gameplay goes, Dynasty Warriors is the best comparison for Fate/Extella Link on PlayStation 4. The game starts you off by picking either a female or a male master. You then get to meet your first few servants. The one that I took a real liking to is called Tamamo-no-Mae. She is pretty funny and keeps calling me a husband (well I think it is me she is calling a husband) and she is fun to use.

The gameplay at first is just pure hack and slash action. You have two main attacks that you can use, but you can do some pretty awesome combos by linking them together. As the game progresses new attacks open up to you as well as new skills. You can do new and more powerful moves by pressing the R1 button along with one of the other buttons.

These along with the skills (which are basically buffs) that you pick up need to be used cleverly as there are sometimes hundreds of enemies on the screen at the same time for you to fight. You do have special meters that build up as you fight and these can be used to unleash a devastating attack.

You will start out at a point on a map and have to take over sectors. The more sectors you take over the better off you will be. There are certain objectives that some maps will require you to do like destroying a certain object or taking down a certain character. You also have to keep an eye on your master and help out the other servants if they should get into trouble.

There is a lot of chatter going on as you play, but as it is all in Japanese and you are focused on the action, it can be hard to keep up with the text that pops up at the bottom of the screen. Speaking of text, from what I have experienced the cut scenes are a bare minimum and the story that takes place before and after battles is done with still photos.

The action for some is going to be very repetitive, but I have had a lot of fun with it. You can level up your servants and build up a bond with them which will unlock new costumes, but I have found that I like to stick with a set few rather than taking advantage of the large roster of them.

If you enjoy games like Dynasty Warriors and enjoy anime, Fate/Extella Link is a game that I think you will have a lot of fun with. The story makes little to no sense to me, but I do enjoy the different characters that I have come across. The game looks great and while the camera can be a bit of a pain, I have enjoyed my time slashing away in Fate/Extella Link.

Fate/Extella Link
Fate/Extella Link is a hack and slash anime action game. Download it now for some fantastic mind-blowing battles.
9 Total Score
Fate/Extella Link Review Summary

  • The game looks fantastic
  • Lots of servants to play as
  • You have plenty of skills and abilities to use
  • Gameplay is nice and fast
  • The action is deeper than you would think
  • The camera can be a bit of a pain sometimes
  • The story if you are new to the series makes little sense
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