Watch Dogs is a downloadable open-world, 3rd person shooter with a narrative focus that has you take on the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker that has access to many of the country’s electronic devices that allow him to do pretty much whatever he could ever wish to do. Originally released on the 27th May 2014, the game was made available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U, and was developed by Ubisoft, the same people being the ever-popular Assassin’s Creed games.

How to Download Watch Dogs

To download the game click on the link located below the review.  The game, depending on the platform, can be downloaded from Steam, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or Nintendo Online Store.

The Game Review

The story in this game focuses on Aiden Pearce, a hacker that uses his abilities to keep paying his bills and ensure that his life doesn’t become too much of a hassle. Before too long, Aiden is discovered and is marked to be “taken out of the picture”. While out on a drive with his sister and her child, Aiden is run off the road, causing the car to crash, sadly killing the child and leaving a rift between his sister and Aiden, knowing full well that he is responsible for this. As a twist of fate, Aiden swears revenge on whoever it is called out the hit on him and aims to discover everything he needs to ensure that he gets his revenge.

Designed to play like a cover-based shooter, the game has you take control of Aiden in a 3rd person perspective, where you must stay behind cover to ensure that you don’t get shot to pieces during your missions. Just like in other titles, you can steal vehicles, do side-missions, and even some arcade-like modes that will earn you some extra cash on the side. You aren’t playing as a ruthless killer in this game, though, so at times the stealthier option is the best and allows for the player to have more than enough options to stay out of sight and undetected most of the time.

Outside of the general gameplay, there’s a major mechanic in the game that makes Watch Dogs the unique title that it is. At any time – cooldowns permitting – Aiden can use his mobile device to shut off or activate certain electrical devices. For instance, while on the run from the police, you can activate the traffic lights, causing traffic to continue driving as you cut through, causing the chase to be halted due to the sudden on-rush of cars.

Alongside all of this, you can activate your phone and scan every single NPC in the game and dig up some dirt on them. It will reveal to you some of their personal information, their criminal record, how much money they have, and providing they earn more than enough each year, you can transfer some of that money to your own bank account.

In terms of comparisons, Watch Dogs clearly took a lot of inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto series of games. A lot of the gameplay choices and decisions are very similar to that of sandbox titles such as GTA, except this game took the interesting mechanic of the growing popularity of smartphones, by making one into an effective weapon and tool in the environment.

Watch Dogs is an action title in which you act a hacker in an open world. Download the game and follow the story to avenge the death of your niece.
7.5 Total Score
Watch Dogs Review Summary

Watch Dogs may not be the most stellar open-world sandbox title available, but it's something a little different than GTA and uses some interesting mechanics that haven't really been seen before. Anyone looking for a different take on the genre – that's something Watch Dogs provides.

  • Interesting mechanics with the environment
  • Modern idea through the use of smartphones
  • Overall, fun shooting and gameplay
  • Aiden isn't a very likeable character
  • Lack of any real use of color
  • Driving in the game just doesn't feel right
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