A Dark Place

A Dark Place is a downloadable 3D horror game developed by XerStudios. The game is played in the first-person view as players have to traverse through different areas to look for keys and music boxes in order to escape. A Dark Place was released on 10th July 2018 and is available to play on Microsoft Windows.

How to Download A Dark Place

You can download the game for free by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. Apart from the regular version, there also other downloadable extras: the paid Special Edition, a stripped down: A Dark Place Minimum, the game soundtrack, and even the development files.

The Game Review

A Dark Place offers only a single-player mode where players are surrounded in an environment from which they have to escape. On the main menu, the game only offers the campaign mode.

Players begin outside a stranded house where they have to go inside and search for a way out. The game involves players having to go through different corridors and entering different rooms.

There are basically four chapters or levels to this game. In each chapter, players must go through a series of hallways and doors, through which they attain a music box at the end. Each music box has the same name as the chapter. Hence, the four music boxes and chapters are named Fear, Sadness, Tears, and Vengeance.

In each of the levels, players are required to solve numerous puzzles through which they unlock doors and progress further. Each puzzle is more complex compared to the previous one and each one requires the players to find or search for something in order to solve it. Apart from searching and solving puzzles, players must also be cautious of the main antagonist of the game known as the Corruption.

A Dark Place does not feature any sort of action or fighting, however, it requires players to be wary of the Corruption that lurks around the map in the form of a train. Each time the player collides with the train, a mild jump scare occurs where the Corruption shows up and states the message I Love Watching You, before making the game crash.

One of the most unique features of A Dark Place is that the game has been developed very intelligently. What it does is referred to as breaking the fourth wall and is the concept familiar to those who played Doki Doki Literature Club!

The game is made to be interactive with the user as it recognizes the players’ actions and makes the game crash on purpose. Once the player starts the game again, the interface becomes different and new events are created based on the previous data collected. This enables the players to come up with a totally new tactic in order to solve the puzzles.

There are basically two versions of the game available: A Dark Place and A Dark Place Special Edition. The games are more or less the same in their mechanics, however, the special edition includes added features such as Free roam, speed run mode, 100 playable levels, access to secrets in-game, access to darker places album soundtrack, wallpapers, and an early access to the next game by XerStudios.

Overall, A Dark Place is a unique game in its own entirety. The game is very interactive as it makes sure that players get to experience a different situation each time, enabling them to brainstorm and use their minds effectively. The graphics and design also allow the game to be played by older or outdated PC’s as well as it offers maximum gameplay with minimal requirements. The game is fun, addictive, and terrifying at times, making it definitely worth a play.

A Dark Place
A Dark Place is an innovative horror adventure game. Download it for free, solve tricky puzzles and avoid Corruption. Be prepared for jump scares.
8.5 Total Score

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