Amorous is a free downloadable game for Windows (Vista and above), Mac, and Linux. It is an erotic, pansexual dating simulator, similar to Guilty Summer Kiss. The task of the game is to explore the Amorous nightclub and find dates. There are nine characters that can be dated with multiple branching storylines along the way. It was developed by Team Amorous and published by Snaggletooth Studios in April 2018. The game is still being worked on and updates are continuously being released.

How to Download Amorous

To download the game for free simply click on the Download button which you will find at the end of this review.

The Game Review

Before starting a new game, you can choose to customize the features of the main character. You can choose the species of your furry character (panda, fox, bird, etc.), its body type (chubby, lean, muscular, or twinky), body color, the presence or absence of nails, and the types of ears, tail, feet, hair, and fingers.

After you’re done customizing your character, you can start a new game. The game is set in a town with a busy coast. You’ve recently graduated but your love life is non-existent and you are still unemployed. However, you have a step-brother named Coby who lives with you. Coby has also graduated, is employed, and has a wonderful sex life. However, Coby recently got dumped by his boyfriend and asks you to go out with him to explore the Amorous nightclub.

Next, you dress up and decide which gender you want to identify as before you set off for the club. At the club, you go to the bar and meet Jax, the bartender. You can choose to order a drink, flirt, ask him about the club, or just walk away.

At the bar, you choose which individual you want to talk to. There are a variety of species to choose from, both male and female. After choosing your potential partner, you introduce yourself, talk to them and get to know more about them. You get to make choices as to how your conversation goes and you can bail anytime if you find yourself uninterested.

There are nine characters in the bar that you can date, each with its own personality and looks. You can explore all of the dating branches too and see how the story ends in each of them. Furthermore, there is various small activities and games built-in that you can choose from along the path.

You can save your game and characters and continue anytime if you need to leave in the middle.

Amorous is a dating sim in which you assume a role of a two-legged animal and date other species. Download the game for free and experience a visual novel style love-story.
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