CHUCHEL is a downloadable animated adventure game with a lot of humor. The hilarious protagonist and his companion embark on a journey to get a cherry. On their way, they have to face many challenges and solve original puzzles. The company behind the game is the Czech studio Amanita Design. Their other famous include Machinarium, Botanicula, and Samorost, which are all well-known and highly acclaimed adventure games. CHUCHEL was released in March 2018. The numerous prizes for the previous games of the studio set the bar high, but CHUCHEL seems to be jumping over it.

How to Download CHUCHEL

You can download the Czech adventure game from Steam or GOG. The Cherry Edition version is also available for download. In addition to the full game, you get a 44-minute soundtrack and an 89-page e-book with concept drawings and game sketches. The soundtrack with the book can also be downloaded as a separate product.

The Game Review

The plot of the game is simple and our hairy hero has just one goal – getting a cherry. The humorous aspects of the game can be seen everywhere. The small creature, which you direct, the eponymous Chuchel is amiable and brings a smile on your face. In addition, the entire game is packed to the roof with gags and jokes. The audio track is also entertaining. It was created by DVA band who earlier in 2012 won the Excellence in Audio award at the IGF (Independent Game Festival) for the Botanicula soundtrack.

The stages that you must go through at CHUCHEL are modeled on those of classic games, but that’s it when it comes similarities. All the rest is significantly different. There will be no frantic killing off mutants and escaping from zombies. Here the authors give you the opportunity to interact with other cute creatures and watch a lot of humorous animations that will make the saddest chuff laugh. The game has a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. A large number of puzzles that your hero encounters give you a lot of opportunities to rack your brain. In the game, in addition to the classic puzzles that you can expect from point-and-click adventure games, you will also come across a lot of interesting mini-games. Among them, you will find funny and captivating imitations of such classic computer games like Pac-Man, Tetris, Space Invaders or Flappy Bird.

The CHUCHEL graphic looks good. The simple yet well-made animations combined with an efficient interface guarantee positive aesthetic feelings.

The game, as most of the adventure games, offers only a single-player mode, but there is nothing to prevent you and your friends to sit together in front of the same monitor and exchange ideas on what to do next.

The Hardware Requirements

To play the game, all you need is a 2.3 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and an Intel HD 4000 graphics card (or equivalent). These are not high requirements, which will certainly contribute to the popularity of the title.

CHUCHEL is a humorous adventure game from the makers of the great Machinarium, download the game and laugh your head off in the company of the little Chuchel who wears a cute orange hat and his best mate, rival and… pet – the fat pink Kekel.
9.5 Total Score

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Kasia Dalecka

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