Kindergarten is a slightly controversial downloadable game – it relates the adventures of a virtual preschooler. If you thought the life of such a little kid was pure fun, because you fairy tales are being read to you and you play or just lie down watching TV, then Kindergarten will brutally destroy this mindset! The game was produced in the convention of an adventure game. The game was developed by Con Man Games in cooperation with SmashGames (the latter is known for the games Roguelands and Magicite). Kindergarten was released on June 15, 2017, and is available on Windows PCs.

How to Download Kindergarten

The price of Kindergarten is about 5 dollars. Go to Steam to enjoy it.

The Story

The plot of the game concerns the seemingly innocent life of a preschooler. The player controls the character of one of the kids while the player’s task is to unravel the secret of the mysterious underground of the kindergarten. During the mission, you will avoid being smashed by the school cook, or dismembered by the janitor. You should also be careful not to lose your eyes – this can be caused by the director of the facility. In this kindergarten, no one can be trusted –  the teachers will organize the illegal fights of children, and if you say something careless towards the cleaning lady you can say goodbye to your eye. Yes, Kindergarten is brutal, so brutal as a pixelated graphics game can be. At almost every step our hero can be killed in many different ways. In addition to spectacular deaths that make the game stand out, the storyline and the dialogues are also interesting. The storyline is tense and the puzzles are taxing and interesting.

The Game Mechanics

In terms of mechanics, the game is a pure adventure title. The multitude of puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty gives the player a lot of fun and requires planning skills. Even the smallest decision can affect the outcome of the task. The game uses the theme known from Groundhog Day, allowing you to experience, over and over again the same Monday. This means that every mistake you make can be fixed in the next game. The action takes place against static backgrounds. Only the playing characters and the NPCs are animated.

The Graphics and the Sound in Kindergarten

The game’s design and graphics are reminiscent of Nintendo’s 16-bit consoles that were at the peak of popularity in the 80s and 90s. The production fits nicely into today’s retro games fashion.

The score consists of three looped melodies, but they are only the background for the main gameplay. The pixelated graphics make death seem both brutal and funny. The death itself is not a permanent state and does not end the game. After each death, you can start your Monday again. The gameplay will take approximately three to five hours.

Kindergarten is an untypical adventure game in which you try to avoid death as a preschooler. Download the game and get into this thrilling world.
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Kasia Dalecka

Kasia Dalecka

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