Marie’s Room

Marie’s Room is a free, downloadable game for PC. It was released on the 13th of April 2018. This game is developed by Kenny Gulliame and Dagmar Blommeaart and published by Kenny Guillaume. It falls under the genre of free to play, adventure and casual. It is basically a story exploration with narratives coming from the character in the game, being played by the player himself. It is a story about the friendship between two friends around twenty years ago. The player gets to play the role of one of the friends Kelsey; the other friend is Marie, obviously.

Marie’s Room

To download Marie’s Room find the Download button at the end of this review and click on it. The game is available for free.

Marie’s Room Review

The game starts with the player, as Kelsey entering Marie’s room in search of Marie’s journal. While looking for the journal, Kelsey gets lost down the memory lane. She sees the room exactly the way it used to be 20 years ago rather than the bare place it is now. Each and every object lying around the room can be clicked upon and rotated, making the memories related to it being narrated by Kelsey. Things like a swimsuit, orange peels, torn down T-shirt, sparkly shoes and even the brochure to the favorite food joints and empty pizza boxes hold small stories and memories related to them.

If you have played the game Gone Home, you can see where the idea of this game has might come from. The game seems a little confusing at the beginning with the mention of characters the player is unable to relate to. But, as the game progresses, things begin to become clearer. It is actually for the player to know what went wrong between the two dear friends which turned their bond an unconventional one. This is the motif of the game and keeps the player searching for different clues to add up to the puzzle.

The overall outlay of the game is pretty simple. The player is only required to click on objects and learn the story related to them except for two instances where a little mind work is required. Those two being, finding out the passwords for unlocking the laptop and the project file.

This is a short and simple game which might take around an hour to finish. The only thing that many might find strange with it is, it doesn’t come with an option to save the game and leave. The player is required to finish the game in one sitting. But let’s assume this is done to increase the tension.

Marie's Room

Marie's Room is an adventure game with elements of horror. Your task is to explore a room and by looking at the items in it remember the events from the past. This way you will learn what caused once great friendship to fall apart. Download the game for free.

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