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missed messages.

I I have played many visual novel style games over the years, but few have “hit” me as hard as Missed Messages did. Do not go into this thinking that this is another visual novel game that is just about sex, Missed Messages is far, far more than that. It is deep, lovely, heartbreaking and just one heck of an emotional roller coaster.

How to Download missed messages.

You can download the game for free either from Steam (where you can also find the paid Fan Pack with wallpapers and an exclusive drawing) or from the Angelo He’s site on itich.io. If you like horror visual novels be sure also to check out Doki Doki Literature Club!

The Game Review

Talking about a game like this is rather tough as I do not want to spoil the story. Let me just say that Missed Messages is a game about human connection and interaction. How we talk to people, be there for people and even ignore people can have major consequences on another person’s life and that is the kind of thing this game is dealing with.

You will be chatting with “someone” and what at first appears to be just a budding romance can take some pretty drastic turns depending on your actions. I was never sure what to say, my first playthrough I was just messing around and not taking thing seriously. Then I was hit with a gut punch of an ending that legit made me feel guilty and bad for my actions!

There are not too many games that have had an impact on me like that, but Missed Messages certainly did. In terms of gameplay, there is not exactly a whole lot here. But that is the case with all games in this style. You are really playing this for the story and the overall experience.

The experience is so deep that do not be surprised if this is a game that sticks in your mind for a few days. There are four different endings to experience and each playthrough is going to take you no more than 30 minutes. So, I would have to say that this is a short game, but for me, that is not an issue. Other folks though may disagree and want more. It is worth noting that as of now, Missed Messages is actually free to play.

The content in Missed Messages is not for everyone. Self-harm and suicide are dealt with in a brutal and honest manner. If that is something you may have a hard time dealing with then this may not be the game for you. I, though, think that the game does deal with these very serious issues in a realistic and honest way.

While the story is the main focus and the characters are very interesting. I do also have to give Missed Messages a ton of credit for how great this game looks. The art style has a really nice charm to it and the way it looks really does compliment the very dark turns that the story can take depending on your actions.

I have to admit that Missed Messages is not a game for everyone. For me though, the story is truly exceptional and was not something I was prepared for. It is free to play (and there is some DLC if you want to support the game) so if it sounds interesting to you give it a try. Just go in as blind as possible to the story and you will get more out of it.

missed messages.
missed messages. is a love story with a horror theme. Download it now and play for free. You won't be disappointed.
9.5 Total Score
missed messages. Review Summary

  • A very interesting lesbian romance
  • Some very hard to make decisions
  • The game is very emotional
  • Makes you think long after you have finished player
  • Four different endings to experience
  • The subject matter may be a little heavy for some people
  • It is a rather short game
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