Until Dawn

Released in 2015 from developers Supermassive Games, the downloadable horror adventure Until Dawn began life as a PlayStation 3 title but became a PlayStation 4 as development on the older system dragged along.

How to Download Until Dawn

To download Until Dawn for PlayStation 4 click on the Download link below the review. Sadly the game is not available on PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. That’s bad because the plot and characters are something everyone should see and experience.

You should also know that there is also another related title called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which is a first-person survival shooter. 

The Game Review

So let me tell you what the deal is time. 

A genre of film that doesn’t get enough attention is horror.

That’s probably because it is often known for its beyond shallow plotting and over-reliance on cheap scares.

Yet, every once in a while, a good horror film comes along and becomes a cultural touchstone.

If you’re a child of the 1980s, or just a fan of its pop culture, then you are probably aware of the slasher flick.

In these movies, a group of young people, often teenagers, flees from a killer that picks them off one by one.

Think Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street for good examples of this kind of film. In both, you have an overwhelmingly powerful, malevolent force that makes short work of a group of hapless and helpless teens. In both instances, they try to solve the central mystery as to why everyone is being killed a la Scooby Doo.

It’s a fairly cliche format at this point.

But what about a video game done in the 1980s slasher style?

That’s the premise of Until Dawn.

Until Dawn is built to be replayed and player choice has a huge impact on this. Using something the developers call the “Butterfly Effect system”, in-game choices directly impact how the narrative plays out. The game gives players some clue as to what choice impacts what outcome through a flashback/flash forward system. Typically when this happens it isn’t a good sign for the player but it does allow for direct reflection on the choice that may have led to that outcome.

The game ditches combat in favor of exploration, puzzle solving, quick-time events, and decision making. The dueling concerns of safety and figuring out what’s going on ratchets up the tension considerably. That the bad guy is so relentless in his murderous pursuit only adds to the tension. In this regard, the game is similar to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The presence of the killer is everywhere and constantly with you.

In terms of graphics, Until Dawn straddles the PS3 and PlayStation 4 eras. This makes sense because the game began as a PS3 title. It also helps you digest some of the more gruesome death scenes which might be a little too hardcore if fully realized in modern graphical fidelity.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn is an action-adventure horror game with 3D characters. Download it to experience a terrifying story of a bunch of teenagers who will soon start to desperately fight for their lives.
8.5 Total Score
Until Dawn Review Summary

Perfect for fans of horror films, Until Dawn is also a great puzzle-slash-adventure game. If you ignore its overwhelmingly dark themes, at its heart Until Dawn doesn’t do anything that terribly different from other games that have come before.

  • Terrifying, intense gameplay
  • Butterfly Effect system really works well
  • Lack of action is barely noticeable
  • If you don’t like horror films, you might not like Until Dawn
  • You have to play it through a lot to get the full story
  • Graphics look unnecessarily slick in certain areas and it takes you out of the game
User Rating: 3 (1 vote)
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