Shiginima Launcher (KeiNett) 4.400

Shiginima Launcher (formerly KeiNett Launcher) is an unofficial downloadable Minecraft launcher, which for years has enjoyed unchanging popularity among the players of the game. In addition to the ability to run any old version of the game, this program also allows you to easily install popular Minecraft modifications. In addition, this program is constantly developed by its creators. Shiginima Launcher is only available on Windows.

How to Download Shiginima Launcher

The launcher can be download for free. In order to begin the download, click on the relevant button at the end of this review.

Minecraft – a Few Words About the Game

Minecraft is a game that doesn’t require much introduction. However, for the purposes of the description of the launcher, it is worth to briefly discuss this title which has been created by MOJANG studio. In the game, you play as a character named Steve, who lives in a world built of many cubic blocks. You start the game empty-handed, and everything you need should be either dug or built. The gameplay is very similar to having LEGO bricks on the computer screen. You can freely edit the environment, and use blocks to place on the ground structures of any shape. Only your imagination is what limits you.

The game world is inhabited by various monsters that can kill you. So your goal is also survival. This is not a particularly difficult task and does not prevent you from exploring. Still, if you don’t like it, the game provides a mode in which there is no hunger and no monsters.

The Advantages of Shiginima Launcher (KeiNett)

The creators of the Shiginima Launcher are constantly developing their own project, and the effects of their work, as well as the notes on the latest changes, can be found on their website. The program has been created in response to imperfections of the official Minecraft game client. In the first years of its existence, Minecraft was developed dynamically. It did not please a lot of players who often liked previous versions of the game. In times when the original Minecraft launcher did not offer the option of choosing a version, the players decided to create their launcher, which wouldn’t have these restrictions. That’s how Shiginima Launcher was born.

In addition to the ability to choose the version of the game the launcher gives you the opportunity to directly manage the game files. Thanks to this, you can assign specific modifications to the selected versions of games. This is useful because not all versions of mods work with the latest version of Minecraft. With the help of the Team Shignima, the mod creator, you can also manually select the size of the window in which the game will be played. You can also easily change the default location of game files, and add arguments to Java settings. With this launcher, you will also get access to unofficial game servers, without the need for a premium account.

Shiginima Launcher (KeiNett)
Shiginima Launcher (formerly KeiNett) is a free launcher for Minecraft, which enhances the possibilities the original game offers. Choose which mods you will install, choose Minecraft versions. Download the launcher for free it and have fun.
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