Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is a downloadable game and game levels creator published and developed by Nintendo. The title was set to release in September 2015. The game is based on a single-player mode with a genre being the side-scrolling platform game. The game has been designed for Wii U which lets the player make alterations to the game such as inserting enemies and items to create their level of a Super Mario course. All you have to do is drag down the enemies, pipes, obstacles or any item of your interest from the top of the screen into the game that you are creating.

How to Download Super Mario Maker

To unleash your creativity in Super Mario Maker simply download it from Nintendo Online Store. you can play the game either on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, the game is not available for Nintendo Switch or PC. To begin click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also our review of New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

The Game Review

The players are allowed to alter the length and width of every level that they are recreating which includes changing the course of the game’s theme and game style. However changing the theme would also change the respective objects, elements, and music of that particular level. They can quickly do this with the help of the various tools provided to them. The tools are all available in the Tool Palette which is a separate palette divided into six rows of twelve items. You can further customize each row by swiping the different objects into various rows according to your interests. The pallet has three main categories namely: Objects, Enemies, and Power-Ups. All these items can be shuffled or used in combination to create some fantastic and challenging levels of the game.

At the start of the game, you are only presented with a single row of course elements, and as you progress further down the game and spend more time with the tools, it starts to unlock the different set of elements. Along with the tools, players can also add a sound effect to the level they are recreating using the SFX frog. As a bonus, players can also record their own voice and incorporate it into the game. The games present with four different game styles (Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3) and six-course styles (Airship, Castle, Underground, Underwater, Ground/Overworld, Ghost House) for the player to choose from.

After you have created your own level of Super Mario series, you can easily upload it to the Internet for other players to solve the challenge. The players have the option of using the gameplay and visuals of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. Besides using the traditional elements, users also can also design elements and their mechanics in their own creative ways. To increase the difficulty level, you can bring changes in the game, for example, enlarging an enemy after giving them a mushroom.

The Mystery Mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. lets you dress Mario in 150 different types of costumes. Each costume is unlocked by clearing Mario Event courses and the 100 Mario Challenge. The more players play your course game and star your level, the more medals you earn in the game.

Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Maker is a tool for creating Super Mario levels and playing them to your heart's content. Download the game and have fun jumping.
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