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I was a bit of a latecomer to the world of Minecraft, but thanks to my son being into I found myself crafting with the best of them. We always wanted to try some of the mods, but due to my… let’s just say lack of technical skills we never could get them to work. That is where Technic Launcher comes in, a piece of software that makes using mods in Minecraft very easy.

How to Download Technic Launcher

You can download Technic Launcher for free by clicking the Download button below the review. The Windows, Linux, and Mac versions are all available. If you like to get your hands on some other launchers, read our reviews of Shiginima Launcher (previously called KeiNett) and Minecraft by Zyczu.

The Program Review

First of all, let me start by saying that installing the Technic Launcher could not have been any easier. You do need to have a Mojang account and a copy of Minecraft on your PC before you run Technic Launcher or it will not let you actually launch it.

Once you have the Technic Launcher downloaded onto your computer you will find that using mods is so easy! You literally browse through all of the mods that are there and find one that you want to use. You then click it and you can enjoy what that particular mod offers. There is no messing with code or anything like that. It is as simple as clicking your mouse a couple of times and you will have the mod in your game of Minecraft.

There is a nice selection of mods for you to choose from with the Technic Launcher. There are some that are more “basic” and offer skins and things like that. For example, I am a huge dan of the DC TV universe and I found a mod that was dedicated to that so I was able to bring some of my favorite characters into my Minecraft world which was really awesome.

There are tons of mods that work like texture packs where they will give you new stuff to play within the game or they will change certain textures. These are a lot of fun to play around with and what I would probably suggest you dip your toe in with when you first start using the Technic Launcher.

Then you have modes that are real game changers, I mean literally, they give you a whole new game to play inside of Minecraft. There are many of these, but the one I have spent the most time with is Crafting Dead. Which as the name suggests clearly takes a lot of inspiration from The Walking Dead TV show.

In a mod like this you have goals, objectives and so on to actually do. I found this a lot of fun and there are many other mods that have had a lot of time put into them so that they are like you are playing a whole new game. This is really going to make Minecraft last you even longer as some of these have a ton of depth to them. I tend to lean towards the more “working together” kind of mods, but there are plenty for you PvP players too.

In all, I was very impressed with how easy the Technic Launcher was to use. If you are not too technically minded like me, you will find this perfect for installing Minecraft mods for you or your kid. The community around these mods seem to be pretty great too. So, if you do get stuck, I am sure there are plenty of folks willing to help out.

Technic Launcher
Technic Launcher is a program that lets you launch different Minecraft mods. Download it now and see how you can modify this great game.
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