Baba is You

Sometimes you come across a game that is so strange that you wonder how you can talk about it and Baba is You is one of those games. This is a hardcore puzzle game that does not pull any punches. Baba is You is a very clever, smart and difficult puzzle game that is gaining steam thanks to people streaming it and usually failing at it!

How to Download Baba is You

Baba is You is available as a Steam download. To get it, click on the button below the review. You can also download the official game soundtrack. If you like clever puzzle games, check out also Friday the 13th: Killer Puzle.

The Game Review

So, what exactly is Baba is You. Well, this is a top-down puzzle game that has a retro style. I would not say that this is an NES style. I would go even further back than that and say that this looks more like something you would have seen on the ZX Spectrum or the C64. The art style works and it has a lot of charm. Sadly, the music does not have the same charm as the visuals do.

Baba is You features a ton of levels for you to play through and each one of the levels is contained to itself. When you start a level, you can move Baba around and you will notice that there are plenty of things in the way and that there are also words written. These words make up the rules of the level you are on and this is where the challenge lies.

You see while the words give the rules for that level. You can actually move the words around and change the rules of that particular level. One easy example of this is Baba is You. This means that you of course control Baba. However, if the level also says something like Flag is Goal or whatever. You can move Flag next to is You and then you control the flag.

This is just one very small example of what you will have to do. You will have to make it so things that are obstacles are no longer obstacles and most of the time you will be looking at the screen and thinking about your next move. The game does not hold your hand at all and while it has some basic tutorials. Right from the start, Baba is You demands that you be a competent player.

This means that there is a fair bit of trial and error in some of the levels and on some occasions, I beat a level and was not actually 100 percent sure of what I did. I do wish in this regard the game would give you some kind of “reward” at the end of a level, explaining to you what you did right.

Currently, there are over 200 levels in Baba is You so this is a game you will not get through in a hurry. Some of the levels are super, super hard. Actually, I would say that there are no easy levels at all in the game. This does not dumb anything down at all and I feel that this could be something that turns off some players.

Baba is You is a game that you will either love and stick with or it is a game that you will turn off after the first few levels. It can be frustrating, but when you do finally get your “ah ha!” moment and figure out a puzzle you feel like the smartest person in the world. If you love puzzle matches that offer a serious challenge there are few more challenging than Baba is You.

Baba is You
Baba is You is a two-dimensional puzzle game drawn in a pixelated graphics style. Download it and use your head.
9 Total Score
Baba is You Review Summary

  • The very retro style is pretty interesting
  • One of the most challenging puzzle games around
  • A very interesting and unique concept
  • There are over 200 levels
  • New levels are being added
  • Sometimes you do not know how you beat a level
  • The sound is not very good
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