Free Chess 2.1.1

Free Chess is a strategy turn-based game developed and published by Pardolabs. The game is downloadable and features a classic game of chess where players compete against their opponents. The standard chess rules apply as the main aim of the game is to perform a checkmate on their opponent. The game was released on 11th February 2014 and is available to play on PC.

How to Download Free Chess

You can download Free Chess just as the name suggests completely for free. To start your download click on the Download button located at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The game is only available in single-player mode, so it offers the players to compete against the AI. Before the game begins, players are allowed to choose the difficulty level of the AI they play against. The game has six difficulty levels in total, with each one being more difficult than the previous one. The main gameplay is based on a 3D chess board which makes the chess pieces more easily to see.

The 3D effect also allows the player to come up with a better picture in their mind which helps them come up with a better strategy. Moving on to the chess pieces, the standard board game rules are coherently followed which means that each piece is only allowed to move according to its specified position. The chess pieces contain:

  • eight pawns,
  • two knights,
  • two bishops,
  • two rooks,
  • one Queen,
  • and one King.

As per the game rules, only one out of all the other pieces can be moved in a single turn. The pawn is considered to be the weakest piece, as it can only move one step forward per turn. On the contrary, the Queen is considered to be the strongest piece, having the ability to move all four ways per turn. The knights, bishops, and rooks each have unique movements and are considered to be the key elements in implementing different strategies.

Considering how the main aim of the game is simply to contain the king from any movements, there are only two possible outcomes to the game. The players make their way towards the king through their pieces and form such a formation that despite wherever the opponent’s king might move, it will be killed by the player’s piece. This kind of scenario is called checkmate.

The second possible outcome is when such a formation occurs where the opponent’s king has no step to move towards to. This particular scenario is called stalemate and it basically causes the game to come to a draw between the two players.

One of the most important features of the game is how it allows saving the player’s progress. The save game option enables the player to start off from where they previously left. It also gives them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes by quitting and then continuing from their previous checkpoint.

Overall, Free Chess is one of those classic board games that have been given a complete makeover. The multicore processors support along with the new and improved user-friendly operating system makes the game fun to play. The diversity of difficulty levels also allows players to gain more experience and learn new strategies to outdo themselves in each game.

Free Chess
Free Chess is downloadable program that lets you enjoy a game of chess. You can play on a three-dimensional or a flat chessboard. Download the game now.
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