Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a downloadable game created by the independent studio No Brakes Games, founded in 2012 in Vilnius, while the publisher is Curve Digital. It is a platform-puzzle game with a setting in a surreal reality. The environment is fully interactive, all objects can be touched, moved, you can also jump on them or climb them. There is no one predefined method of reaching the goal, which is usually the next door, and the game is based on creative and unconventional control of the main character. Thanks to this, in Human: Fall Flat can be played repeatedly. You can also replay the same levels, using different possibilities that the environment provides for you.

Download Human: Fall Flat

You can download the game from the Steam store. If you find out you don’t like it, it’s worth knowing that you can return this title on the terms that are governed by the Steam refund policy. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Physics in the Game

The physics plays the most important role in the interaction of the elements of the environment. It works more or less just like in the real world. Practical knowledge of how different machines function and how they can be used to achieve your goals will prove to be very helpful. Navigating the plasticine man is simple, which makes the gameplay quite funny and creates many situations to look for new individual solutions to the problems.

The ragdoll effect, which can easily fall into the clouds, as if in a dream, might remind you of Gang Beasts. In that game, the characters look and move in a similar fashion.

The Two Player Mode

The game can be also played by two players who will have at their disposal two characters which will be different only in color. The infrastructure of the locations you visit is so extensive that they players have many opportunities to help each other or to play against each other. Both little men can climb on top of each other, take each other hands in order to pull or push each other. The player’s goal is to go to the next locations and there are eight of them.

The Graphics

The locations are full of colors and are pleasing to the eye. The objects look quite simple and usually consist of a small number of polygons, which makes it easier to determine their suitability for a given purpose. The player can also enter different dark rooms where he will need a flashlight, which he can find somewhere nearby. In order to get into the room, sometimes you will have to go think a bit to come up with a solution how to open the door.


The main character is a white plasticine man called Bob and has no superpowers at all. However, thanks to his ingenuity, by using the objects encountered on his way, he is able to move to other locations and thus progress through the dream environment. Bob can, among other things, pick up items and throw them, climb stairs, move wagons, open doors and jump. The first levels are the simplest to pass, they are designed to teach you to move around and show you all the possibilities. The worlds differ from each other in the degree of difficulty. In each of them, you will also find new objects. If Bob drops into the clouds, he falls to the ground in the same place he fell from. Then the game continues from that point.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game in which you are o explore the fantastic world and solve problems related to how to continue your journey. Accept the challenge and download the game.

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