OLDTV is a free downloadable game that was created specifically for people who like to exercise their mind. Although the gameplay consists entirely of simple actions performed by the player, it is extremely addictive. OLDTV, as the name suggests, is based on the visualization of an old TV. However, what is happening on his screen, despite being quite simple, enhances the functioning of the player’s brain.

How to Download OLDTV

The game can be downloaded completely for free. Thanks to the free license virtually every user with access to the Internet can enjoy OLDTV. An additional paid DLC – COLDTV and V: Soundtrack – are also available for Steam download. To start downloading the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Hardware Requirements

The publisher of OLDTV is Creability studio. They have made this game available for free play. The game does not have high hardware requirements. The minimum operating system is Windows XP or newer. The game requires only 2 GB RAM. The requirements for graphics are also minimal. OLDTV also works on Apple computers. The game was released in July 2017. It is very important to remember that the game is not intended for people who are prone to epilepsy.

What is OLDTV About?

The task of each player is to follow what appears on the characteristic, convex screen of an old TV. There are channels from all over the world and you can see some words on each of them. Once a given TV channel is switched on, the player must immediately answer a question related to what has been displayed on the screen. To make the game more interesting, the method of providing the answers with the mouse buttons changes. In other words, the left and right mouse buttons are exchanged. As you make progress in the game, the tasks become increasingly more difficult. OLDTV is a test for the precision and the speed of decision making. At the same time, it is addictive fun. In the game, you can collect special points and exchange them for all kinds of bonuses (for example, for another chance to make a decision). At the same time, the game is not overly complicated, so you do not have to spend many hours just to get into it. In addition, the simple music and graphics complement the old school style of this game very nicely.

The Psychological Inspirations

It should be emphasized that the source of the idea for the game is the so-called Stroop effect (a widely known phenomenon in psychology). To give an example, the human mind when a person sees the word red displayed in black font subconsciously recognizes it as being written in red. This phenomenon served as an idea for OLDTV. Thus the game was conceived, which was enriched with nice visual and sound effects. An additional difficulty in OLDTV is the fact that you deal not only with standard colors but also with such uncommon hues as, for example, turquoise.

Other Games by Creability

Creability is also the publisher of the following games:

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OLDTV is a very simple, yet surprisingly addictive puzzle game. It requires reflexes and logical thinking. Download it for free.
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Kasia Dalecka

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