Squla is one of the largest and most popular European online educational platforms on the market, which gathers good feedback as it supports kids (and their parents) in their daily learning. The platform, which is essentially home-schooling, has been available in many countries: France, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Italy for a long time. You can use it on your computer – through your web browser – and with the right apps on your Android or iOS tablet or phone. There is also a free Squla demo for download. Squla can be bought in a monthly or annual subscription. At first, however, it is best to play for free.

How to Download Squla

In order to start enjoying Squla click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like education software for kids, check out also our review of our review of  Scratch 2 Offline Editor

Squla Learning

The system is continually updated to meet the needs of the users, but also to stay compliant with current educational guidelines. As far as education is concerned – for example, Squla in Poland is in line with the program curriculum of the Ministry of National Education for the current school year. The target audience is school children – the vast majority of the task is geared to school pupils in grades from 1 to 6. However, this does not restrict the use of the platform for the children of any given age. Also, there’s a separate category of tasks for preschoolers, while the older children will benefit by repeating the material from the previous years.

As little children would not be interested in using Squla, if it were just a set of questions and answers, the authors have taken care to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible. There are plenty of educational videos, games and other unconventional tasks that make the kids acquire the knowledge effortlessly and with pleasure. Squla itself is based on a subscription model, a one-time fee is not possible – the subscription is offered for a month or for a year (with a discount). This way, the youngest users have access to constantly updated exercises and tasks, and they can save their progress in the cloud.


The child is also motivated to use Squla in many different ways. One of them is the opportunity to join a competition with your classmates and compare the scores. In addition, the parent can set goals for the child – for example, “45 minutes of exercise in the next week” for which the child can receive praise from the parent, and what can be sometimes more motivating to collect special coins in the application. These coins are collected for every properly done task – and the system can give almost 50 thousand of them. It should be emphasized that these coins can be exchanged not only virtual items – such as unlocking more avatars – but also for the real stuff – like official Squla backpack. Finally, it is worth pointing out that parents can easily control the child’s daily progress and their opinions about Squla are very favorable.

Squla is a paid training platform for young learners which allows for learning at home. Download a free demo or pay for a subscription.
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