The Room Three

The Room Three is the 3rd title in the popular downloadable franchise on iOS and Android devices that was eventually ported onto the PC. Originally released on the 4th November 2015 for iOS, the game has recently been released on PC on the 13th November 2018. Developed by Fireproof Games, the same team behind the previous The Room games and considering the ever-lasting popularity of them all, it’s no surprise how well The Room Three did as well.

How to Download The Room Three

You can download The Room Three for PC or for your mobile device. To start just click on the Download link located below this review.

The Game Review

As should be no surprise, The Room Three follows on from both The Room and The Room Two, where the player was forced to solve a myriad of different puzzles to try and escape. This time around, (spoilers) the player-character managed to escape from the home of A.S. from the previous game and is now on a train to make their way back home.

After traveling through a tunnel, the train comes to a stop at Grey Holm, an island estate that The Craftsmen has brought you to, just so you can solve more of his puzzles that you’ve managed to best through the last two games. Depending on some of the puzzles that get solved throughout the game, you can come out with one of four alternative endings, giving you more than enough reasons to play through the game more than just the once.

The gameplay is incredibly similar to how the previous games were, even on PC. You explore your surroundings in the search of puzzles and must click away at them until you’ve solved the puzzles. Another return has made it into the game in terms of the special eyepiece that will reveal to you certain parts of the environment and puzzles that you wouldn’t normally see.

By using this in combination with a new lens the game gives you to manipulate small spaces, you’ll be able to solve all of the puzzles the game manages to throw your way as and when they come.

In the game, there are several different puzzles, all ranging in different difficulties to solve them. As opposed to the puzzles that you need to complete to progress the game, there are on the odd occasion an optional puzzle that you don’t have to complete to progress the story. The reason they’re there is to push you in the direction of an alternate ending and only by solving some of these optional puzzles will you be able to discover a different pathway to a different ending.

In terms of comparisons, The Room Three takes what it learned from the previous two The Room games (released in 2012 and 2013 respectively) and kept that formula that classic puzzle games have always used. Myst is but one of the few classic titles in the genre that The Room’s franchise uses as inspiration, due to its challenging puzzles and haunting atmosphere.

The Room Three
The Room Three is a puzzle game in which you have to escape the eponymous location. Download it for some rewarding mind-bending experience.
9 Total Score

Whether or not you get this game on a mobile device or on PC, you're going to have a fantastic time with this puzzle game if you've played the previous ones. The game looks gorgeous, the story is intriguing, the atmosphere is haunting, and the puzzles are always incredibly satisfying to solve.

  • Puzzles are clever and very satisfying to solve
  • Haunting atmosphere, despite there never being any immediate danger
  • Multiple endings allow for plenty of reasons to play through more than once
  • Everything in the game has a realistic look to the visuals
  • Never obvious what puzzle is optional or for the main story
  • On a rare occasion, a puzzle can be quite difficult to fully comprehend on how to solve it
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