We Were Here Too

I have to start this by saying that We Were Here Too is one of the best and most memorable co-op experiences I have ever had in my 30 plus years playing games! How this is not more revered is beyond me, but keep on reading to see why We Were Here Too clicked with me so much.

How to Download We Were Here Too

We Were Here Too can be downloaded from Steam. To start, click on the Download button located at the end of this review.

The Game Review

The idea of this game is that you and another player are inside this old-timey, almost Castlevania looking castle. One of you plays as an explorer and the other plays a librarian and you have to work together. This is a co-op game in the same kind of style as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

The explorer will find themselves in the section of the castle and the librarian is in a room that is full of symbols and so on. The explorer most of the time will have some kind of idea what they are supposed to do in order to progress, but they will not know the exact way to do it. The symbols to press, the switch and so on.

This is where the librarian comes in. The explorer will tell the librarian what they see and the librarian will try to find it where they are and instruct the explorer on the right thing to do. What makes this so much fun is that a lot of this is down to the interpretation of how you feel about a symbol.

For example, I was playing with a good friend of mine and I needed him to choose a certain symbol. “It looks like the thing the Undertaker used to sacrifice people on” I yelled at him, “What the hell is that???” Is what he yelled back! So much of the fun is trying to figure out a way to get your point across as to what the symbol you are looking at is.

You need to be in constant communication with each other, but at the same time when you are playing as the explorer, you just want your buddy to shut up for a minute so you can think. One of the most fun and nerve-wracking aspects of We Were Here Too is that some of the sections of this castle have traps and hazards.

You can go into a room and have it start to fill up with water, or have your sight be taken away. These make things even more hard and tense as you guys try to figure out how to get out of one room so you can see what the castle has in store for you next.

As much as I love We Were Here Too and as much as I feel it is a game, everyone should play. This is the kind of game that you can only really play through with the same person twice. You certainly want to play the game from both sides, but once you know the correct way to proceed through the castle, it becomes much easier. So, there is not a ton of replay value here.

The presentation of the game is fantastic and I love how dark and gloomy this old castle is. The first-person point of view is perfect for this game. I really do feel that it helps add to the overall immersion of the game.

I really cannot stress how much fun I had with We Were Here Too. It is one of those games that I cannot recommend highly enough. While there may not be much if any replay value here. I can tell you that the few hours you get with this are worth way more than the 5 to 8 bucks this usually goes for on Steam.

We Were Here Too
We Were Here Too is a co-op puzzle adventure game set in a medieval castle. Download it now and face the mystery.
7.5 Total Score
We Were Here Too Review Summary

  • A tremendous co-op experience
  • Lots of fun communicating with your friend
  • The graphics are actually really good
  • Lots of atmosphere in this castle
  • A truly memorable gaming experience
  • Not much replay value
  • You and your buddy will be cussing at each other!
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