Welcome to the Game II

Welcome to the Game II is a downloadable puzzle game by Reflect Studios, which was released on April 3, 2018. It is a sequel to Welcome to the Game which was released om June 15, 2016. The main character is not the same person as in the first part of the game, but both characters need to do the same – solve puzzles in the dark part of the internet and at the same time escape from deadly dangers. The fact that the game is viewed from the first-person perspective person makes it easier to feel the atmosphere of the game and to experience the emotions of the protagonist. Those who love indie horror games will not be disappointed. The authors of such productions as Waiting Room and Rides with Strangers have again proved that they can scare even the bravest tough guy.

Download Welcome to the Game II

To download Welcome to the Game II, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like the game, you can also download the previous part of the series in which you are looking for the infamous Red Room.

The Review and the Guide to Welcome to the Game II

The game begins in a large room. The investigative reporter, Clint Edwards, receives a video message from the mysterious Amalea who, in a live recording, tells him that mysterious men in masks chase her. The trail goes to Shadow Web, the darkest part of the forbidden Internet – Deep Web. It turns out that she is pursued by the dark cult of Noir. When the hero tries to track the location of Amalea, the signal suddenly stops. Then Clint has time from ten in the evening to four in the morning to complete his mission which is to find Amalea and outsmart Noir. You have three real-time hours to complete the task (two times less than the in-game time).

In the world of Deep Web, the protagonist must resist attacks by hackers (playing mini-games) and change the Wi-Fi connections regularly so as not to be tracked down by the police. Your computer has software to help you navigate the Deep Web. There are many useful applications in it, such as a web browser, or ZeroDay Market and Shadow Market applications that allow you to buy items that are helpful in the investigation: software and hardware.

Initially, the hero tries to find eight hidden hashes needed to decrypt the secret information. They can be found on the websites that the player can visit. The passwords are skillfully hidden sequences or numbers in the text or illustrations. Finding them requires perceptiveness and attention.

As the story goes on, as the hero you must buy the necessary equipment, such as new software or Wi-Fi signal amplifier. Clint is not safe anywhere he goes. All the time you must be vigilant. In addition to virtual hacker-enemies, Clint has to evade a murderer him, a law enforcement team, a few Noir followers, a serial killer and an additional paid killer. More detailed descriptions of these people and info on their operations can be found on the websites displayed in the Anonymous Network Node (ANN) browser. Keep reading to get to know your enemies and to avoid meeting them.

Welcome to the Game II – the Endings

In the game, depending on the way you play and the choices you make, you will be presented one of a few endings. To get to know them all, it is worth reading internet guides, game wiki, and walkthroughs. The story of Welcome to the Game II leads to the culminating moment, which regardless of the dialogue option chosen guarantees shivers on your back, and feeling of… wanting more.

Welcome to the Game II

Welcome to the Game II is a bloodcurdling puzzle action game in which your task is to save a woman kidnapped by masked madmen. You should also try not to die in the process. Download the title for free and learn about the dark side of the internet.

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