Car Racing Adventure

Car Racing Adventure from AbsoLogix Technologies Limited is a car racing game available for Windows PC and mobile devices. It brings classic arcade racing gameplay like that found in the titles Cruisin’ USA, Daytona USA, and Ridge Racer and puts it into an accessible format for Windows machines.

How to Download Car Racing Adventure

You will be able to download this fast-action racing game by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. The game can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.

The Game Review

Gamers that are looking for something more, like a simulation, say in the style of Gran Turismo, should probably tone down their expectations a bit for the game as it is much more in the vein of an Outrun or a classic arcade racing game from the day.

Featuring minimalist, bright graphics, Car Racing Adventure really only has one gameplay mode and that is “Play”. The other option is “Help,” which teaches you more about the game, and “More Apps,” which naturally directs you to other apps from AbsoLogix and partners. The game mode is simple and straightforward but amazingly engaging especially given the game’s unique health meters and control scheme on tablets.

Unique to this racing title is a collision system that punishes your car via a health meter for hitting other objects on the road. If you hit too many cars or the side of the road then your car will run out of health and the game is over. This adds a kind of old-school element of challenge that you don’t often see in modern racing games. In this regard, the game is like Pole Position, the classic F1 racer, but with the addition of regular traffic as antagonistic obstacles. This is a pretty straightforward concept and, though a bit jarring at first, ultimately makes sense given the game’s GT stance – long roads and fast cruising times dominate the gameplay in this title.

The Coins

There is a way to avoid a fiery outcome, however, and that is by collecting coins as you race along the road. Collecting coins will restore your health and help you avoid a game over in Car Racing Adventure. This may remind you of Super Mario Kart but, unlike that title wherein coins gradually add speed, coins in this game act instead as a kind of hybrid between an arcade token and a checkpoint system.

As is typical of arcade-inspired games, in this title you can boost your vehicle’s performance through the use of in-game power-ups. Unlike most arcade racers, however, these are few and far between and gamers should not come to rely on them appearing.

Car Racing Adventure: the Controls

If playing the game on a tablet, the title allows you to control your vehicle using tap and tilt controls. The controls are similar to those you would see in a Wii racing game. The pioneer in motion control gaming, Car Racing Adventure’s adaptation of motion controls in its game is intuitive but tougher to use than the traditional method of control.

Of course, on a regular computer Car Racing Adventure is controlled using the arrow keys and keyboard-based inputs. Though the challenge of racing against others is not something this game does as of yet, the game does offer an intriguing take on the grand touring arcade classics of yesterday.

Car Racing Adventure
Car Racing Adventure is an arcade-style racing game. Download it for your Windows-based computer or for a tablet with Windows Phone onboard.
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