F1 2018

As one of the racing games most popular franchises, F1 2018 returns to fans for an experience like never before. The developers Codemasters in F1 2018 has completely revamped their career mode to give a more realistic feel being in the shoes of an F1 driver. Expect the career mode to be the highlight of this year’s F1 game. The game is expected to be released on the 24th of August. With the pre-orders available now, players can receive the “Headline Content DLC Pack” to enjoy when the game releases.

How to Download F1 2018

You can download the game for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows platforms. To start your download click on the Download button at the end of the review. You should also check out the previous installment of the series, the great F1 2017.

The Game Review

Let’s talk new F1 2018  gameplay. Based on the early videos and gameplay released, a lot of new features off track were the first noticeable changes. First was the player interaction in career mode with the world. One such as a reporter asking the player certain questions that develop the player’s persona.

 Other features include the team’s fan base and the player’s reputation within it. For example, the game now allows players to choose their teammates on the track for races but certain benefits or consequences with the people players choose. For example, beat your partner and your own stock rises but lose consistently and your stock goes down. However, picking a worse teammate on purpose also has its own consequences on the race track.

 One of the most loved features of the F1 series is the car making process. In the past, players could develop cars using earned credits and applying them to tech trees. While these features carry over to F1 2018, an additional feature is your team’s own specialities and weaknesses in developing cars. At the final stages of developing the car, you may also hit a dead end due to these features as the final tech branch remains ambiguous.

Now for those asking, “Ok, that’s cool but what about the racing?” Don’t worry, the Codemasters has you covered there as well. To be fair, most of the driving controls remain with a few small tweaks as the saying goes, don’t fix what isn’t broken. There has been a graphics update for more stunning scenery to enjoy as expected.

The atmosphere will create the race track according to a lot of features such as jet trail, clouds, and more. As a result, racing features have been improved for a more realistic sense such as dust kicking up or different types of hazes due to weather conditions. Moreover, the game’s bumps have been updated to the car’s physics to be calculated at 1000 times per sec. In other words, it makes brakes and drifts feel more violent and real while making the racing experience more thrilling to enjoy.

There are a few missing points that we are still waiting on such as the multiplayer features but so far, the game looks like a solid pickup for any racing fan. Another plus I forgot to mention is that the game will be optimized for 4K display so for all you 4K cultists, make sure to give the game its full appreciation.

F1 2018
F1 2018 is a racing game from Codemasters. Download this tenth title in the famous series and become the hero of Formula One.
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