Experience a world of fantasy and strategy as you delve into ArcheAge. This is a multiplayer, role-playing game that allows the players to choose their paths and powers rather than being stuffed into a generic pattern game developers allow.

How to Download Microsoft ArcheAge

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Choices in the Game

One of the best things about this game is that there are many different choices for the game player to opt in for. Among some of these choices include: class combinations, crafting skills, alliances, professions and homes, and manors.

All these options have a wide variety of choices within each subsection. For instance, with more than 20 different crafting skills, the player can keep busy with the game for a long time.

Your Way in the Game

Play on your own terms. This role-playing game lets the players call all the shots. Paths and ways to proceed through the game are not the only options one has. Choose continents, the level of magic mastery, and even players’ looks and abilities within the confines of the game. This is one fantasy game that will fulfill the fantasy of every player.

ArcheAge Graphics

The fantasy aspect of the game does not detract from the vivid visuals and realistic graphics. Every effort has been taken so that players can be immersed in what seems like a real-world setting when it is true fantasy. Every detail is well plotted and even the faces and eyes of the characters stand out in vivid, breathtaking fashion.

Seeing is truly believing and this role-playing game makes those sights memorable. Landscapes are another aspect of the graphics that feel real and make gameplay exciting. While pillaging and conquering distant lands be prepared to find beautiful scenery and out-of-this-world landscapes that can only exist in the fantasy realm.

Battles and Wars in ArcheAge MMO

Wage battles against foreign enemies to defend the crown of your nation. Storm the castles and lands to lay waste to enemy territories and take the riches that you deserve. These battles can be on land or sea and make the armies that will fight them is just another choice within the confines of the game.

These battles will test your knowledge and skill against a whole world of other players all trying to take lands for their own. As an online free game, this lets people from all over the world pit their skills against one another.

In the sea, settings take control of trade routes and have an effect on other players by blocking and raiding their vessels. Play as a daring sea captain or assume the persona of a marauding pirate. No matter which choice one makes, there is always that impending danger from the deep, so beware!

ArcheAge is a fantasy game that brings the imagined realm to life. It is challenging, ever-changing, and requires prowess and daring. As a free online game, it invites gamers from around the world to compete and test their gaming skills against one another.

In this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG you will fight in battles to protect your castle and claim those built by your enemies. If not interested - you can become an outlaw, or a fearless sea captain. The choices are yours.
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