Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a downloadable 3D MMORPG from the developers over at ESTsoft Corp and was originally released in Korea on October 2005 and by February 2008, the game was released to the rest of the world. While the developers aren’t known for much, they have developed a couple of extra games, known as Cabal 2 and HeroesGo. As a whole, Cabal Online is designed to be more of an action-MMORPG, requiring more effort on the players’ behalf to ensure that each encounter and battle isn’t all that easy.

How to Download Cabal Online

You can download the free client of Cabal Online by following the Download link at the end of this review.

The Game Review

Unlike a lot of MMO’s, Cabal Online actually has a story of some kind and is a fair amount more than just some lore thrown onto the entire ensemble. In a world known as Nevareth, a group known as the Cabal set to create a Utopia of some kind, but only succeed in causing an apocalypse. The last members of the Cabal soon realize that a darker, even more terrifying threat is eventually going to come, once again bringing about the end of the world – worse than before. You play as a new recruit of the Cabal, in training to defeat hordes of minions that are set to bring about the end of the world.

With the game playing more like an action MMORPG, your main objective in the game is to roam around the different environments and dungeons, dodging attacks when they come your way. The main way of dealing damage comes in the form of hot-bar attacks. When you hit the button on your keyboard, the attack will be coming out in a flurry of strikes or whatever type of attack your class uses. There are several different classes to choose from and depending on your preference, there’s both plenty PVP and PVE content for most players to sink their teeth into.

As with many other MMO’s, there are plenty of quests, dungeons, and loot to conquer and collect, with the game allowing for more than enough content for your average player. Instead of just forcing the player to go and collect loot and gear, though, there is, in fact, an upgrade system for you to make use out of. By using this system, you can upgrade all the different types of gear that you’ve always been a fan of and make them even stronger than their previous counterparts. While this doesn’t outright kill the grind/farm of the game, it makes for a nice end-game extra for those players that want to perfect their favorite looking weapons.

The game plays relatively similarly to stuff like Tera, Blade & Soul Online, and other action-based MMORPG’s, which is quite impressive as they weren’t exactly a popular genre at the time. Classic Korean and Japanese MMO’s have clearly inspired this game a lot to some degree, and even at this point in time, it’s still pretty clear where the game has taken its inspiration from.

Anyone that’s on the lookout for an MMORPG with plenty of grind but lacks much or any P2W (pay to win) features, Cabal Online has you covered. It plays very much like an old-school action-MMORPG and is one of the very few ones still around, and that’s partly due to how enjoyable the game can be for fans of the genre.

Cabal Online
Cabal Online is a Korean MMORPG played in a fantasy world of Nevareth. Download it now and play for free in PvP and PvE setups.
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