CrowFall is an action-packed fantasy MMORPG game with numerous levels and characters in which to choose from, such as knights that you can customize to your own preferred style. As the game progresses your creation points built up allowing you to select from a variety of Archetypes. These are set up with various skills, depending on which one is chosen. For those who’re new to this game, don’t get frustrated when you first start playing. After playing for a while it gets a lot easier, you may even become an expert at it.

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What You Do In the Game

Players build their very own kingdom together piece by piece, just like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to shape each item with the special features in which to select from. Make sure that building footprints don’t overlap or you will not be able to set it down. Giving players the ability to create a world all their own. You’ll find a wide variety of building assets to choose from. For instance Harpy nests, graves that spawn creepy zombies or stakes topped with heads. Depending on the type of item in which you’re trying to set up, there are certain assets that are permitted to be used with specific parcels.

CrowFall: What You’ll Experience When Playing this MMO

This game was specifically created for people to play on their personal computers. It allows you to control the various points of view with your keyboard and mouse. For those with a love for monsters, you’re guaranteed to become obsessed with CrowFall. There are monsters lurking around every corner, along with other various ghoulish characters. This game allows players to venture through wondrous lands doing whatever their hearts desire. In some cases, you will have to battle one on one with the monsters. Once you’ve defeated them, gaining valuable points to use for harvesting nodes. Points can also help you gain with products of interest such As: foraging for something to eat, searching for useful equipment or to help you survive.

If you’re someone who likes gaming interactively with others who’re playing as well, then this is the game for you. That’s because it’s a universal environment shared with others. As you proceed through the game, your skill levels increase. Sometimes you’ll come across recipes in which require certain ingredients, which are only available after you defeat certain mysterious creatures. It’s so exciting to explore through mines, quarries, and mills, in search of hidden resources. Which you’ll find to be quite valuable, these precious items will help you in venturing further in the game. For instance giving you the ability to battle dangerous creatures while foraging for your winter supply of food. Beware as winters fast approaching the fight for survival becomes quite challenging.

CrowFall Review

In conclusion: this is such an awesome game in which to play, full of challenges to overcome and really cool graphics. For those of you interested in trying it out for yourselves, go to Good luck with your future game playing adventures. MadDownload gives CrowFall a review score of 8  out of 10.

CrowFall is a MMORPG which their creators call "a throne war simulator". There is a lot of focus on strategy and PvP, while monster kills are not the goals of the game but rather means to an end (like getting acces to certain areas).
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