Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness is the new DLC for Darkest Dungeon, a tough as nails turn-based RPG that has permadeath as a regular feature of this roguelike. Darkest Dungeon is developed by Red Hook Studios and the new DLC, The Color of Madness was released on the 19th June 2018. The Color of Madness is effectively a new chapter of the game that allows the player to test both their luck and their skill in an endless onslaught of foes and enemies to see just how far they can get.

How to Download Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness

You can get the game either from Steam or from GOG.com. To start your download simply click on the Download button located at the end of the review. Just remember that in order to play The Color of Madness you need to first download the base game.

The DLC Review

With the story for this piece of DLC, it isn’t quite like the rest of the game, as it is purely a brief snippet of a story and then the game proceeds to carry on as usual. This time around, a strange alien crystal has fallen from the sky and landed by a nearby farmstead, infecting many unfortunate nearby individuals, making them highly aggressive and somewhat crystallized at the same time. Other than that brief intro, there isn’t much else to The Color of Madness plot.

The Color of Madness takes the gameplay of the regular parts of Darkest Dungeon and then creates an endless mode for the players to really try their hand in. As with any endless mode, it starts off relatively simple and progressively gets more and more difficult as time goes on. With the addition of this new mode, depending on just how successful the player becomes with their team, they get an increased chance to find higher rarity loot, such as some of the new relics that have been added to the base game.

With this DLC also come four new buildings for the player to unlock, with each of them adding their own sort of benefits to the player and their stressed-out party. There are even 3 new bosses for the player to struggle against, known only as The Miller, The Thing From the Stars, and the very Comet itself. This new expansion is not set to be any easier than the rest of the game, but that’s to be expected of Darkest Dungeon, a game known for killing off a player’s favorite party within minutes if they get unlucky enough.

Visually, the enemies have the same distinct dark and gothic, the Lovecraftian style that fans love from Darkest Dungeon, except this time around all of the foes have these unique, blue crystal woven into their body somehow. With these new crystals, it somehow makes the enemies look a little brighter, along with the environments as well – just not too bright, that’s all.

For anyone that loved Darkest Dungeon, they’re only going to find more and more to love when it comes to The Color of Madness DLC. By any chance, the player is looking to really test out their best party and really try out a new level of challenge that the DLC is trying to portray once more. Just in case players of the original were starting to get a little too good at the original version.

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness
Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness is a downloadable content for the dark fantasy horror turned-based RPG. Download it now and experience more Lovecraft-style terror.
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