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Song of Horror


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The Sinking City

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Sunless Skies

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Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is a downloadable RPG game based on the works of an early 20th-century American writer H.P. Lovecraft. Though under-appreciated during his lifetime, H.P. Lovecraft’s lore continues to ...

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

Lovecraft's Untold Stories

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Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator

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Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

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One of the richest literary universes from which game developers and media creatives in general draw from is the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos. They form a genre called Cthulhu Mythos Games or Lovecraftian Games.

Lovecraftian horror often employs a mixture of the science fiction with the supernatural or metaphysical. Imbued with gloominess and eeriness, Lovecraftian works challenge the audience to ask questions about the world around them.

Feeding off of subtle hints of mystery, suspense, horror, science fiction, and existential ennui about the unknown, H.P. Lovecraft’s works also tap into a primal sense of horror that all of the vestiges of civilization may be undermined by an underlying force completely primal and beyond rational explanation.

Basically, H.P. Lovecraft posits a world in which science has defeated superstition only to discover its own limits and the boundless potential of its vanquished foe.

Existing as a very real force, Cthulhu and his minions form the core of Lovecraft’s mythology and the broad range of potential stories that can be told within this world allows for Lovecraftian games to truly explore horror, suspense, and science fiction on new levels.

Fans of conspiracy and fantasy as well as mystery and suspense often find Lovecraft’s works some of the most memorable they have read and the popularity of works with these kinds of themes in gaming is evidenced by titles as far-ranging as the Metal Gear Solid series to the more immediate Silent Hill series.

H.P. Lovecraft’s masterful ability to weave the fantastical with the rational and to question the realm that lies between more accurately embodies the spirit of Lovecraftian games than any other salient element and makes them some of the most psychological horror titles on the market.

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