Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action RPG with some rogue-like elements, from the team over at LLC Blini Games. The game was originally released on PC for Steam on the 23rd June 2018. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories has the player taking control of a detective, an individual that has got himself wrapped up in some of Lovecraft’s most perpetual horrors.

How to Download Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

You can download the game from GOG or from Steam. To start downloading hit the Download button at the end of this review. The game is available as early access title so when downloading know that the game is not yet finished.

The Game Review

With any game that revolves around Lovecraft and his stories, the story and general material for the game are steeped in dark, somewhat sadistic and fascinating lore. The detective in Lovecraft’s Untold Stories seems to have found himself in a spot of bother, as it seems all of the creatures and cults that Lovecraft spent years writing about was true all along. As each level passes, the detective gets closer and closer to learning how to stop the old gods and their destructive ways or exasperate the problem if the player isn’t too careful.

Just like many other action RPGs, the game takes place from a top-down, somewhat isometric perspective and has the player running around each level, looking for different items, secrets, and clues. The main gameplay loop tends to be fighting cultists and other monsters with whatever type of weaponry the player manages to find, such as a shotgun.

Rather than just killing everything, however, the game makes you search out for clues to avoid many fights, as these enemies aren’t exactly the easiest to go up against at times. These clues will reveal more about the world and the characters that inhabit it, and even uncover secrets that may not have been accessible previously. A number of puzzles and challenges also come cropping up throughout the game, with each one becoming just that little bit harder than the last.

Aesthetically, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories takes a dark, pixel-art style of visuals that manages to fit the Lovecraftian aesthetic that many other games have tried to pull off with some success. It’s clear that the game takes some inspiration from the Diablo series but manages to come across as its own identity without overstepping the mark too much.

In terms of its closest comparisons, the game might remind some players of titles, such as Diablo, Path of Exile, and even Enter the Gungeon with its visual style. While its gameplay is typically more unique in terms of the previous entries, the visuals have clearly been taken from those three games, without making it too much like either of them to come across as a clone.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories takes some interesting ideas that haven’t really been used before and creates them into a fairly unique and intriguing action RPG. For fans of action RPGs and H.P. Lovecraft and his stories, they’re bound for players to find plenty to enjoy with this title. It isn’t particularly difficult to get into, but with each run, it quickly becomes more and more addictive.

Lovecraft's Untold Stories
Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action RPG horror game with a detective as a protagonist. Download the game and enter the world of Cthulhu Mythos.
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