Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free action RPG game available for download. It was created by the Grinding Gear Games studio. It the game the setting is in the fictional land of Wraeclast, dark and full of threats. The game is played online. As a rule, Path of Exile is free, although some of its elements can be purchased for a fee. However, as the creators underline, it will never happen that you will have to pay to have any chances at all in a fight against your opponents.

How to Download Path of Exile

The game can be downloaded completely free from both Steam and the manufacturer’s website. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the Path of Exile review.

The Character Classes in Path of Exile

You start the game by choosing your character class. There are six basic classes available:

  • Ranger – fights from a distance, which makes Ranger hard to hurt, agile and fast, good at criticals, main attribute – dexterity;
  • Marauder – a melee fighter, has a lot of health points, main attribute – strength;
  • Templar – a great fighter trained in a wide array of weapons, can also cast spells and take punishment at the front line, main attributes – strength and intelligence;
  • Witch – uses spells to fight, commands elemental and dark magic, main attribute – intelligence;
  • Duelist – can use a shield and a single hand weapon, as well a powerful two-handers. Also good with longbows, main attributes – strength and dexterity;
  • Shadow – a melee fighter, but prefers stealth attacks, weapons of choice – dagger or claws, loves to lay traps, also not bad with spells, main attributes – dexterity and intelligence.

There is also the seventh, additional class, which can be unlocked after completing the storyline of the game – Scion. Each character is equipped with three attributes: dexterity, strength, and intelligence. These features affect the individual skills of the heroes.

The Storyline and the Gameplay

In Path of Exile, the player assumes the role of a person who was banished from their home country. You wake on a seashore on the coast of Wraeclast. In the course of the game, you find the few basic items and learn about your character’s abilities. The passive skills are arranged in so-called trees and they are designed to strengthen your character. They are the same for all classes, but depending on which hero class you choose to play, different other elements of the tree are available to you at the beginning of the game. The active skills are based on skill gems. These are attack boosters and are placed in the weapons to help the hero fight monsters. There are three levels of skill gems their rarity: the normal are white, the magic ones are blue, the rare are violet, and the unique – orange.

It is possible to play in co-operative mode to defeat enemies (PvE), as well as to fight other players (PvP). There is an option to create a group of from four up to eight players in both modes.

Path of Exile is devoid of any standard currency in the form of coins. Instead, items are collected from defeated enemies or exchanged in stores in various “Spheres.” The level of a “Sphere” depends on the rarity of the item that the player wants to exchange.

The title will certainly draw Diablo fans – it is often compared to that classic game due to the obvious similarity, both in terms of the graphics design and the gameplay itself.

Path of Exile
Path of Exile is an action RPG in which you control just one hero. The game is available to download for free. Get this Diablo clone and start to fight and gain super-items.
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