Death’s Gambit

Death’s Gambit is an action-RPG game developed by White Rabbit. The game is published by Adult Swim Games and was officially released on 14th August 2018. The game enables players to play as the protagonist named Sorun. Death’s Gambit revolves around Sorun’s adventure as he travels to defeat all the immortals in order to become an immortal being himself. The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

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The Game Review

The game is only available in single-player version so the only game mode is the campaign. Death’s Gambit is set in a 2D environment where the overall graphics layout gives the feeling as if the game is being played in one of the old classic platforms such as Sega or PlayStation.

Before the actual begins, players are required to choose from seven different playable classes including Soldier, Assassin, Blood Knight, Wizard, Noble, Sentinel, and Acolyte of Death. Each of these classes represents unique qualities and abilities that can be used by players during gameplay. The Soldier class provides the player with soul energy whenever they manage to block an attack. Similarly, the Assassin class gives soul energy to the player’s character every time they dodge an attack.

Blood Knight enables the player to regenerate their health instantly if they manage to retaliate against an incoming attack. The Wizard class allows players to fight using complex ranged magic, as mentioned in the game itself.

Playing as a Noble can make players use items for their own benefits by converting them to soul energy. Sentinel has the ability to equip any weapon and shield as long as they have half the statistics required to wield it.

Finally, going with the Acolyte of Death means that the player’s character will distinguishably worship the in-game character of Death, allowing them to restore Death’s broken idols and being provided with soul energy every time they kill an enemy.

Once the class has been chosen, the game begins where the main protagonist is saved by the likes of Death. The main starts off as the protagonist makes a deal with Death that if he travels to kill all the self-proclaimed immortals, he himself will be granted the power of immortality.

The adventure then begins where players have to go through a series of events where the players are confronted by numerous challenges in the form of obstacles and enemies. Every time the player defeats an enemy, they receive in-game currency called Hope.

Hope can be further used to purchase weapons or defenses with higher quality, thereby giving them a better chance to defeat the boss enemies. Each boss enemy is different in its skill and difficulty level. The players have to come up with a different strategy each time in order to defeat them.

Overall, Death’s Gambit is a very exhilarating game, particularly for those players who have the desire to play classic games. The game is simple in its graphics as well as controls. It provides its players with just enough action, topped up with a strong storyline that keeps them addicted to the very end.

Death's Gambit
Death’s Gambit is a fantasy Metroidvania game. Download it, choose your class and have a great challenging adventure.
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