Deltarune is a spinoff of the Undertale game. Released in 2015, despite having a 16-bit set of graphics, Undertale managed to become some sort of an extraordinary title and it still impresses a lot of people nowadays with just how positive the reaction was to it.

How to Download Deltarune

You can download the first chapter of Deltarune for free by clicking the Download button below this review. The game has an uninstaller which calls the game a survey. And in fact, this is exactly what its author Toby Fox had it mind. He wanted to learn if people like the game so he’d know what direction to take in its further development. And by the way, Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. Last but not least the game, according to Fox, is intended for people who have actually completed the original

The Game Review

Since this is a spinoff, we don’t have the sequel here. And while there are some references that might talk about characters in Undertale, Deltarune is its own game and it actually does a very good job with the entire process.

In this game, you control a human named Kris and you live in a world full of monsters. In fact, your mother (or caretaker?) is a monster too. You will have Susie, a classmate that accompanies you in the dark world. Our characters find out that they are heroes that need to bring balance back to the world.

What makes Deltarune interesting is that you get to do that via bullet hell gameplay attacks. That being said, the game has a top-down perspective and you do need to complete various objectives in order to win. The game is designed to be very convenient and easy to play, and at the same time, it manages to bring in front a whole range of fun mechanics that you can explore and just have fun with as you see fit.

Another thing to note about the game is that they encourage you to not hit monsters and kill them, so if you can do that you will get rewarded. On the other hand, as you play you will receive tension points and these can be used as a baseline for some important spells. It’s really nice to get into this and see how everything blends in. That just goes to show the great importance of the game and the uniqueness of the entire process.

We like the fact that everything blends in so nicely and they do an amazing job at making the experience very intense and exciting for the players, which is always a very nice thing to have.

Just like Undertale, Deltarune is singleplayer only. And they chose to release it as a chapter based title rather than a full game. That’s because players can finish the current content and then move into the next one whenever they see fit. The downside here is that there’s not a whole lot in the first chapter. And while you can replay it, there’s not enough stuff for you to enjoy and have fun with.

Also, Deltarune doesn’t have multiplayer. Even if there are multiple characters, what’s outside your character will be controlled by the AI. The AI is good most of the time, but it can end up making some mistakes especially during combat when they should use a special spell for example.


Deltarune is an RPG game created by the developer behind one of the best games of all time: Undertale. Download it now to control Kris, a schoolchild who visits the Dark World.
9 Total Score
Deltarune Review Summary

All in all, people that played Undertale will find Deltarune quite an interesting game. It’s definitely something different, but it does have some familiar stuff in there as well. For the most part, this is an amazing game for you to check out, even if it combines bullet hell, turn based gameplay and other interesting mechanics!

  • Interesting game mechanics
  • Bullet hell gameplay
  • Lackluster visuals
  • No multiplayer
  • Short
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