Dofus is an MMO game which offers imaginative role-play coupled with an edge of your seat battles that are turn-based with the rest of the game being played in real time. New upgrades, the merging of multiple servers and updates to gameplay make it a game well worth checking out. Its move to free gameplay sites does not change the nature of the game or the perks within the game.

How to Download Dofus

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Making in-game purchases will remain the same. Upgrade to weekly, monthly and semi-annual membership for access to more venues and more accessories within the game. The player can also earn higher levels, more strength, and better weapons by out strategizing their opponents.

Combat bonuses can also be earned through gameplay experiences. Among some of these bonuses are:

  • better weapons
  • more strength
  • shields
  • realistic battles
  • updates

Magic is an update that has been made available for use throughout all stages of gameplay. Players can now use magic to manipulate play for their own benefit. Magic is now also allowed for setting the stage for battles. Combat modes have also been altered. Players can now battle in groups of up to 3 on 3. This means teams can be forged and greater tests of strategy can take place. Team medals are awarded for victors.

Levels in Dofus

As with other role-playing games, this one has many different levels. These levels encompass a number of different facets of the game. Dungeons can be altered, manipulated, and even changed to meet the preferences of players. Weapons are also a facet that increases on different levels. Game upgrades now provide shields with every weapon chosen. The types of weapons change and get more complex and deadly as the player moves through different levels.

Players can now also alter the strength and abilities of their character. Give your character more strength, wisdom, and even strategy skills as you move through the levels.

Graphics of the Game

The move to free gameplay seems to have had an effect for the better. The graphics have gone from run-of-the-mill to fantastic. Colors are more vivid, details are sharper, and overall appearance is clearer and more realistic. Count on seeing every detail clear as day. Developers have greatly improved the way that each and every aspect is seen. Shading and movement reflect a more real-life feel in an imaginary setting.

Game Settings

Locations for gameplay make this a game worth perusing. The coliseum offers realistic details and fantastic areas for battles. Try the animal reserve for beautiful scenery and amazing animals. Take a stroll to see all the creatures and get to climb trees and mountains. These are not the only locations available. There are mountains, islands, and even trails that one can forge ahead and conquer their opponents and the environment.

Dofus is a multiplayer format that can now grow and learn with each player. Make alliances, conquer opposing players and develop strategies that win battles. Earn medals and become the ruler of your domain.

Dofus is a French fantasy MMORPG where players take control of 2D characters. Most of the game is played in real time with the exception of combat, which is turn based.
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