EverQuest really is one of the most groundbreaking games of all time. You would have to say that the MMO genre as it is now would not be what it is without EverQuest taking off as it did. While the game was always evolving, EverQuest proved to be a very addictive game that got its hooks into millions of people.

How to Download EverQuest

You can download the EQ client for free by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. If you like fantasy MMORPG games be sure to also check out our review of World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2.

The Game Review

Reviewing a game like EverQuest is rather hard as, like other MMO games, my experience is going to be different to what yours is. Still, I really do want to talk about what made (and what still makes) the original EverQuest such a special and timeless game.

The character creation tools in EverQuest are phenomenal. I can see why some people may find them a little bit too much! Currently, the game has a very impressive 16 different races to make your character from. Then, of course, you have a large selection (16 as I write this) of classes to also pick from. Plus, you have what feels like millions of choices when it comes to the look of your character.

The gameplay of EverQuest sees you needing to go on countless quests. These quests will give you loot, make you fight enemies and bosses and expand upon the lore of the game. With so many years of content in the game, it may seem a bit daunting to get into. However, I do feel that EverQuest is more welcoming to new players than many other games.

I love how many different things there are for you to collect in EverQuest. These can be cosmetic items that can change the look of your character all the way to new abilities that make you even more dangerous in battle. EverQuest always feels like it is moving you forward to be trying to get something that is going to enhance your experience. It is that which makes the game so addictive in my opinion.

The gameplay is that of a typical MMO game where you click to fight and explore. It is very easy to get to grips with and if hotkeys are your thing you can set the game up just the way you want. I love how diverse the locations are ranging from snowy peaks to dark and scary dungeons. The different locations in the game each have their own style and that is awesome.

EverQuest is a decent enough looking game. I will not say that this is the best looking MMO out there right now. What it does though, it does very well. I especially love some of the monster designs that they have come up within the game. For me, EverQuest in its style walks a fine line between fantasy and horror and even a little sci-fi sprinkled on top.

You can play the game by yourself and that is what I do when I fire this up these days. You can also play with others if you like. You can go on raids with your friends which is something I had a lot of fun doing in the past. If you play with people you actually know then you guys can have some serious fun.

My experience with EverQuest over the years has always been very positive. The most current expansion as I write this is The Burning Lands and it has gotten me back into the game. EverQuest in its current incarnation is great for new players, existing players and those lapsed players who have not played it for a while. Oh, and it is still free!!!

EverQuest is a classic MMORPG fantasy title. Download it to see why it is still being played despite the fact it was released in 1999.
9 Total Score
EverQuest Review Summary

  • Lots of races and classes to choose from
  • Some of the quests are a ton of fun to be a part of
  • The game is always evolving and adding new content
  • It is fun to play on your own
  • Playing with friends is even more fun!
  • May take a while to fully understand how to play
  • It is not the best looking MMO game
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