For The King

For The King is a turn-based, role-playing, strategic combat game, the first and only developed by IronOak Games to date. It incorporates components of both, a board game as well as a role-playing game. You can purchase it for your PC, Mac or Linux on Steam. Because of its mechanics, it resembles other tactical RPG titles Flamberge (released in 2015 by Hydezeke) and Warbanners (released in 2017 by Carsleen Games). The aim of the game is for civilians to turn to combat and seek out and destroy mysterious enemies attacking the previously peaceful and wealthy land of Fahrul.

How to Download For The King

To get hold of For The King, click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is available as a digital download on and on Steam. On the latter platform, you can also download separately the soundtrack from the game.

The Game Review

This golden era comes to an end when the King is strangely murdered, resulting in chaos and corruption. Thereafter, his widowed Queen Rosomon takes the lead and recruits old soldiers and knights that eventually die. This leaves the Queen no option but to call upon ordinary civilians to leave their families behind and come to war. Their mission is to seek out the origin of this chaos and fight it in order to save Fahrul.

The game can be played in three different modes, solo, online cooperative and local cooperative. You can set the difficulty level to easy, normal or hardcore.

You need to choose a team of three characters no matter what mode you’re playing in. The character options are Blacksmith, Minstrel, Woodcutter, Scholar, Herbalist, Trapper, Busker or Hunter. A few of these are initially locked. Each character has its own set of skills and equipment.

Once you begin, the Queen will assign you a task. On the way to the task, you will face many enemies. You can decide to fight, ambush, sneak or retreat from the enemy. The success of the option you choose depends on your character’s skills and abilities. The combat zone is highlighted in red and only characters in that area will be allowed to help you in combat. After an enemy is laid down, you can get their loot, which might contain health, skills, equipment or a mixture of these. In this way, you’re supposed to avoid death and complete tasks. With each task, you become one step closer to saving the Land.

As befits a game which claims to have roguelike elements For The King features a procedurally crafted map, which means that every adventure is unique. That gives the game a high replayability factor. The level of difficulty is also high. In this respect For The King is challenging and unforgiving.

For The King
For The King is a turn-based fantasy roguelike RPG which will keep you playing on the edge of your seat. Survive fierce battles with the enemies, avoid deadly traps, and experience harsh weather conditions. Solve the mystery of the death of the king. Download the game to play either solo or in a co-op mode.
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