Gothic 3

Gothic 3 is a classic 3rd person, open world  RPG with real-time combat from the team over at Piranha Bytes and was released on the 13th October 2006. Piranha Bytes are known for making many of the other Gothic games such as the acclaimed Gothic II, along with the Risen series, a franchise that’s considered a spiritual successor to the Gothic games from the same developers. The game has the player explore a wide, expansive open world as they attempt to do whatever is necessary to save the world from upheaval.

How to Download Gothic 3

To start your download of Gothic 3 click on the Download button at the end of this review. You can obtain the game from Steam or from It’s worth to know that the game has received an interesting add-on called Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods (released in 2008) now available for download in Enhanced Edition. The game, sadly, is not available as a console title, so no Gothic 3 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Gothic 3 Story

The story revolves around a nameless hero that explores the land of Myrtana, a world that’s currently in the throes of war. Orcs from the dark north have invaded and now intend on taking over what’s left of the humans and everything they have to offer to the rest of the world. Near the start of the game, the player will be around King Rhobar, a man whose final task is to defend Vengard, a former stronghold of the humans, which is where the player comes in.

The World

In this fantasy world, players can explore the world around them, on the lookout for new gear, weapons, and spells to cast against their enemies. There are over 50 different spells to cast and abilities to make use of, along with 50 different enemies to be found in the game, with some of them being humanoid and others not so much. When it comes to the weapons, there are well over 100 different weapons for the player to pick up and use in the relatively dated, but easy to use combat system.


With the combat, players will have to press left-click on PC to do a light attack, right-click to do a heavier attack, and then press any of the skills or abilities that they’ve chosen to tie to the hot-bar to get a special attack to come out. Sword combat is relatively self-explanatory, but with the bow and arrow, the player is forced into a 1st person view and then to take aim and fire. Players are expected to walk around the world, looking for new quests to undergo to help develop the story and their character as well, but at no point are they required.

Similar Games

Easily the biggest comparisons for Gothic 3 would have to be the previous Gothic games and some of the older Elder Scrolls titles, such as Morrowind (2002). Even though the game’s combat isn’t quite as strong as The Elder Scrolls, the sense of exploration is typically what keeps the players playing for hours on end with this one, even if they don’t find a myriad of loot to make the exploration worth the effort. Another similar game will be The Witcher, which was released one year after Gothic 3, in 2007.

For any fans of the classic style of action-adventure RPG’s or classic RPG’s in general, then Gothic 3 and the rest of its franchise has definitely got them covered. It has everything someone could want from a classic, old-school RPG, without having to worry about the game seeming too dated, despite coming out over 12 years ago at this stage, making it more than a worthwhile experience for any fans of the genre.

Gothic 3
Gothic 3 is a classic fantasy role-playing game with a lonely protagonist. Download it, become the Nameless Hero and sail to the new continent.
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