Gothic II: Gold Edition

Gothic II: Gold Edition is a downloadable special edition of the classic RPG game. It contains, in addition to the basic version of the game, the expansion Gothic II: Night of the Raven. Both the first and second part of Gothic are status RPGs. The studio behind the game – German Piranha Bytes created also such games as Gothic 3, the Risen series, and Elex. Gothic was released in the autumn of 2003. The expansion was released also in the same year but only in Germany. Night of the Raven was translated into English two years later as a part of the Gothic II: Gold edition package. These games are available only on PCs running Windows.

How to Download Gothic II: Gold Edition

Gothic II: Gold Edition can be downloaded from Steam or from GOG.  Check out also the fantastic free mod Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos.

The Storyline of Gothic II and Night of the Raven

The game of Gothic II takes place directly after the events known to the players from the first part of the production. Our hero, the Nameless Hero, defeats Sleeper, almost losing his life. He recovers in the tower of Xardas, a powerful mage. The hero is suffering from amnesia and everything he has to learn anew from the mage. From now on, your adventure begins.

Night of the Raven is the only expansion to Gothic II. It develops the plot of the game, adds new characters and areas to which you can travel. It also raises the difficulty level, so you have to play the basic version of the game first.

Gothic II: Gold Edition was exactly what the fans of the first game in the series had expected. A new, larger world, consisting of coastal areas, a large city by the sea, a dragon island, a marsh, and a crypt. We will also return to the mining colony, which this time was besieged by the orcs.

In the game, there are no specific character classes, but it’s the faction you associate yourself with that determines your fighting style. By joining the ranks of the mages, your character will attack mainly with the help of magic. By joining the Paladins, you will become a knight in heavy armor. You can also become a mercenary who uses the bow. Numerous side quests help you to develop your character, and a huge number of hidden treasure locations lead to the exploration of the world.

The is world closed to explorations in an artificial way. The area in which you can move is naturally limited by the strength of monsters who block your progress. Only by overcoming them, you will be able to move further and for this, you will need an appropriate level of experience and proper gear. Compared to Gothic, also artificial intelligence has changed for the better. The people when attacked will call for help, and the creatures more often hunt in groups and cooperate.

The Graphics

The graphics in the game and the character models are not the best looking, even for the 2003 standards. Gothic II was based on the same engine as the first game and we should give the creators respect for what they managed to make out of it. However, it is not the graphic design in Gothic which won the hearts of the players. The game’s strong points are great gameplay and a huge open world, densely populated by humans and monsters.

Gothic II: Gold Edition
Gothic II is a cult RPG from Piranha Bytes. The Gold Edition also includes an official Night of the Raven expansion. Download the game and save the world. Again.
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