ELEX is a downloadable RPG game by the German studio Piranha Bytes. The company is famous for such titles as the Gothic and Risen sagas. The fans around the world have been waiting for a return to the fantasy worlds, which would be in line with the previous games of Piranha Bytes. This time, however, the players will enjoy a slightly different setting. Welcome to the world of science fantasy.

How to Download ELEX

ELEX can be downloaded from Steam. If you do not like the title, you can return it and then the initial download can be considered free, because then you will get your money back. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

MadDownload.com gives ELEX a mark of 8 out of 10. The game is a worthy successor of the Gothic and Risen series. ELEX tells about the events that take place on the planet Magalan, inhabited by a civilization of millions of people, similar to that one of Earth. The planet is one day hit by a comet, which consisted of the previously unknown eponymous element ELEX (it is, in fact, an acronym, which stands for Eclectic, Lavish, Exhilarating, and Xenial).

The comet destroyed the previous achievements of the inhabitants of the planet, and the mysterious substance changed the world. The animals became radiated and began to mutate into wild beasts.

On the other hand, some people soon found out that ELEX had narcotic properties and started to use it heavily – thus they too became mindless beings, unable to live without further portions of the substance. Soon they changed in the blood-hungry mutants.

The following factions exist on Magalan:

  • The Albs – who are devoid of emotions. They take ELEX to cleanse their minds and give up their feelings and gain unnatural strength.
  • The Berserks who forbade the use of ELEX-powered technology in Edan. With the help of the World Hearts, they transformed it into mana, needed to cast spells and use magic.
  • The Clerics rule the army of machines which draw their energy from ELEX properties. The Clerics worship god Caalan.
  • The Outlaws are free people without a formal leader. They take Elex to stimulate themselves

The currency in the land of free people is elexit. These are small ELEX crystals deprived of their properties.

The World of ELEX

The planet has a diverse climate. You will visit the snow-capped mountains of Xakor and the green forests of Edan, the volcanic, industrialized wilderness of Ignadon, as well as Tavar deserts. Each of the locations is rich in a characteristic fauna, which may very well attack a lone wanderer. Many places are hidden from sight, and all the lands are raided by hordes of bandits, killing anyone who stands in their way.

The world is full of ruins left by the former rulers of these lands. The rocks are riddled with numerous caves, and everywhere you can come across cellars and tunnels. These are, of course, infested with wild beasts.

The world, the largest in Piranha Bytes, is in chaos and is preparing for war. The Albs want to get all the existing ELEX, the Berserks want to transform it into mana, and the Clerics need it to propel their technocratic empire. This conflict of interest inevitably leads to open war.

The hero, who was the commander of the Albs, betrayed by his comrades, and sentenced to death, survived. At the beginning of the game, he is robbed by one of the outlaws. He must regain his equipment and strength. His body finally got rid of the influence of ELEX, which caused him to feel human emotions. He must alone travel through the enemy’s territory to take revenge on his would-be murderers.

The History of Piranha Bytes Games

Piranha Bytes made their debut on the RPG market in 2001, publishing their cult Gothic title. Following its success, they released Gothic II (2002), Gothic II: Night of the Raven (2003) and Gothic 3 (2006). According to Piranha Bytes, JoWooD, the publisher of the game, pressed for the early release of this last title, so the game was released with errors. As both companies had already been in disagreement, they finally parted, but JoWoodD claimed the rights to the brand. In 2010 Arcania: Gothic 4 was released, the title was not created by Piranha Bytes, but by Studio Spellbound Entertainment which cooperated with JoWooD. The game collected very bad reviews. In 2011, the rights to the Gothic brand returned to Piranha Bytes, and in 2014, Arcania removed the Gothic reference from its title.

In the meantime, Piranha Bytes was developing a new brand that was the spiritual heir to their first three works. In 2009, Risen was released, in 2012 Risen 2: Dark Waters, and in 2014 Risen 3: Titan Lords. In 2017, the players could lay their hands on ELEX.

ELEX is a great RPG game set in a world of science fantasy. The creator of this gem is Piranha Bytes, the authors of the Gothic and Risen series. Download it now.
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