Heroes of Hammerwatch

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a downloadable computer game that takes place in a fantasy world. In the title, you will encounter elements of hack’n’slash and roguelike games. The game has been created by Crackshell studio. The title can be played PCs with Windows or Linux with SteamOS. Nothing is known so far about the versions for Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, but it is known that the game will soon be released for PS4.

How to Download Heroes of Hammerwatch

The game can be downloaded from both the manufacturer’s site and from Steam, which is a popular digital distribution platform for games. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, the player goes to an unknown town, where many buildings have been abandoned, and its inhabitants are trying to cope with poverty. The task of the main character is to go to the top of the mysterious mountain, called the Forsaken Spire. There are plenty of monsters with which you must fight and tons of traps to overcome. The maps on which the action takes place are generated procedurally.

in the town. Between his quests, the hero has the opportunity to return to the town. In the town, you can spend money collected during the quests to buy for better gear. You can also build new buildings or improve those that already exist. Thanks to this, the player has access to new characters and various improvements. It is possible to expand some of the buildings to higher levels that offer more attractive equipment. You can also remove some restrictions when buying equipment. It is quite important that in the event of the death of the main character, the changes in the town are not reversed.

The Character Classes in Heroes of Hammerwatch

The player has a choice of seven different character classes. They are Paladin, Archer, Wizard, Sorcerer, Priest, Thief, and Warlock. Each of them has different equipment, different skills and uses different weapons. Each of these heroes is also characterized by an individual approach to the game.

The Items in the Game

While wandering and fighting, the main character has the opportunity to collect over a hundred different items. Each of these finds has special properties. After getting a new level, you receive stars as a reward. They can be spent at the trainer in the city to acquire new skills. The items that are permanently assigned to the characters are not removable. In the fountain of life, you can fill the empty potion bottles, and visit a shop with interesting (often magical) things to purchase. Before a fight with a dangerous opponent, you can use an elevator to get all your belongings – the gold and the ore to the city (to save them just in case). Such a service comes at a price.

If the main character dies during the action, everything is lost: gold, ore, even the gained experience. However, if you managed to send gold and ore to the city before death, it is possible to get access to the treasures again.

The Game Mechanics

The main character can move forward and sideways. In Heroes of Hammerwatch, the whole action is observed from the camera, which is placed above the character’s head. You can play the game alone or in a cooperative mode, which allows for up to four people. The main screen contains information about basic and special attacks, as well as about the collected gold, ore, and keys. The whole of the game mechanics can be thoroughly learned after entering and leaving the cave, which is the first location in the game.

Heroes of Hammerwatch
Heroes of Hammerwatch is a roguelike game with graphics that resemble old-school pixelated titles from many years ago. Play alone or invite your companions to enter a fantasy world. Take a trip to reach the top of the Forsaken Spire.
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