Developed by Hipixel Studios, Hytale by many is being referred to as Minecraft 2.0. People are very excited about this game and as I write this the beta is getting really close to finally being unleashed. I can’t wait either.

How to Download Hytale

You can sign up for Hytale beta by following the Download button below this review.

The Game Preview

If the name Hipixel Studios sounds familiar to you that is because they are actually the people behind the World Record holding Minecraft server that everyone loves. So, while Hytale is their “first game” these people have a very strong footprint in the Minecraft community and that is why there is so much hype for this game.

Hytale is very ambitious in that Hipixel want this to be a very community-driven game. They are giving us all the tools to make our own mods. Not only that they are making it so sharing your mods is very easy. Speaking of easy, playing with friends on official or your own servers is another thing they want to make easy as possible.

While we do not know exactly what the combat is going to be like just yet. Combat is something I have very high hopes for. Hytale is not just another Minecraft reskin. This game is made with its own engine and as a result, the combat, platforming and general gameplay looks to be a lot more dynamic and fast-paced than what Minecraft offered.

One of the most popular aspects of Minecraft was, of course, being able to be in your own world, playing out your own adventure. That same kind of gameplay is going to be a big part of Hytale and even in the early previews, you can see some pretty amazing houses and other structures have been built.

What really grabs your attention at first with Hytale if you ask me is the game’s graphics. This clearly has a Minecraft style to it. However, things just have more polish to them and in general, I feel that the characters and creatures have a less blocky look to them than Minecraft offers. Also, the faces appear to be far more expressive than what they are in Minecraft.

There is going to be a real focus on PvP in Hytale, but as the game is using its own engine it is not stuck to the rules that Minecraft has in place. I am very interested to see what they are going to allow us to do in terms of creating your own PvP modes. Hipixel is going to allow you to play their famous minigames in Hytale which sounds like a great way to ease over Minecraft players.

As far as the release date goes for Hytale… your guess is as good as mine. March was said to be the release of the full beta from what I heard, but that was not the case. I have a feeling that the “beta” will be the real and full release and that is why it is not quite ready yet. In all honesty, you want the servers to be as solid as possible so I hope they have it all figured out.

It looks like it is going to be a ton of fun. While playing the content that Hipixel themselves have created will be great. I am very interested to see what kind of fun mods the community comes up with when they get their hands on this.

Hytale is a role-playing game set in a world made of blocks. Download it once you successfully sign up for beta.
9 Total Score
Hytale Review Summary

  • It really is like Minecraft 2.0
  • The visuals are very appealing
  • It is very community focused
  • Sharing mods will be easy
  • These people know what they are doing!
  • Still no word on an official release date
  • Will it be able to get Minecraft players to switch over?
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